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Don't worry the bird was ok and it flew away!!!You scored 25 sweetness, 28 sourness, 68 cleanness, and 7 Raunchyness!

you are so clean it is scary...you smell like hand sanitizer and amonia....it is ok to take hygene seriously...but you should be careful not to let it take over your life....remember some bacteria are helpful to humans...and you wil never get rid of the ones that live inside your body!@!!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • sweetness Distribution

    They scored 25% on sweetness, higher than 21% of your peers.

  • sourness Distribution

    They scored 28% on sourness, higher than 71% of your peers.

  • cleanness Distribution

    They scored 68% on cleanness, higher than 98% of your peers.

  • Raunchyness Distribution

    They scored 7% on Raunchyness, higher than 5% of your peers.

All possible test results

mixed nuts

you smell like mixed nuts or perhaps trail mix...maybe even cracker jacks....either way it is a normal smell for people...you don't smell like anything gross...actually if you take peoples clothes and... Read more

Spoiled fish or meat

You have that pungent stale smell...like old stinky feet and garbage. You might go for weeks without baithing or even months. Although your smell is totally organic and all that...it is best changed.... Read more


you are so clean it is scary...you smell like hand sanitizer and amonia....it is ok to take hygene seriously...but you should be careful not to let it take over your life....remember some bacteria are... Read more

mud floor basement

you smell like the mud floor basement at my nanny's clean but yet really dirty at the same time. you might just wash your dirty bits but that isn't enough we all need a shower from time to time...try ... Read more

spoiled milk

you smell like baby spittle and buttermilk. you might have just spilled something on your clothes and forgot and then left them for a week and the thought they were clean and the put them on again...b... Read more

curdled vomit

you sm4ell like vomit and cigarette butts and dirty dirty crotch wash now you are icky and i do not like you. You might try switching that three year old salmon in your shower you have been using to l... Read more

crashed on the couch

you smell like me after a party when i get sick. You might have slept on someone's couch and not remember how you got there...just wash up and it is all good..... Read more

went camping

you smell like sweaty outside and dirt and bugspray and all that stuff. you might be a few days behiund on your cleaning ritual or you might have baithed in the saint john river....don'e ever do that ... Read more


you smell like you rolled in sugar or you work at the hives place they showed on csi where they covered people in honey. Read more

the cover up

you might be one of those people who smokes weed and wears too much perfume to try to hide it. You smell like shit and baby powder or deodorant on someone who has already done gym class you are just t... Read more


you are so obsessed with being clean not only do you wash with bleach you wear cologne or perfume and deodorant and everything you can...yoiu try way to hard to be clean!!! you scare me with your stro... Read more

stepped in shit

you were walking and stepped in shit.....clean your shoe and you will be fine...it happens to the best of us....you should go to city hall and try to ge the laws on picking up animal shit tightened so... Read more


sweet and sour....hahahahy get it? you smell like food but not in a bad way...maybe you are a chef or something or a waiter or yeah Read more


you smell like everything that can possibly smell bad...you rolled in a perfume factory then a pile of shit then some cottage cheese. Read more


you don't smell partucularily bad...but there is a hint of something stanky....you wouldn't bother me...i probably smell like that too....you don't try too hard to be clean but you aren't dirty...ou s... Read more


you smell like everything in the world all at once and it hurts my nose and i don't like you because you bother me with your smell go away Read more

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