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Sofia Curtis

You scored 19% Some CSI-ness, 13% Some You-ness!

Played by: Louise Lombard. A CSI who became part of Grissom's team after the mid-season five split, decided by the Assistant Director of the crime lab, Conrad Ecklie. She soon considered resignation, upset at the fact that she had been demoted from acting day shift supervisor. In season six, Curtis makes a career shift from CSI to detective. When considering a case or crime scene, she thinks out loud, and explains to Grissom that this is the best way for her to concentrate, to notice, to understand, and to remember everything. A recurring character in season five, Sofia became a regular character in season seven, and Louise Lombard was billed in the opening credits. Sofia appeared in the season eight premiere, "Dead Doll," but Lombard was no longer listed in the opening credits. She was, instead, billed as a "Special Guest Appearance".

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    They scored 19% on Some CSI-ness, higher than 1% of your peers.

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    They scored 13% on Some You-ness, higher than 14% of your peers.

All possible test results

Sofia Curtis

Played by: Louise Lombard. A CSI who became part of Grissom's team after the mid-season five split, decided by the Assistant Director of the crime lab, Conrad Ecklie. She soon considered resignatio... Read more

Nathalie Davies

the miniature killer. Played by: Jessica Collins. She possesses an Eidetic memory. She killed her little sister and developed a psychosis after seeing her birth father clean up the blood with bleac... Read more

Gil Grissom

Played by: William Peterson, Specialty: entomology His life hasn't been perfect, his father died when he was 9, but his life hasn't been too bad. When he was a child his idea of playing doctor was ... Read more

David Hodges

Played by: Wallace Langham, Speciality: A trace specialist with a knack for brown-nosing. Hodges likes to believe it's always his analysis that cracks CSI's cases. He's also very likely to tell tha... Read more

Dr. Al Robbins

Played by: Robert David Hall, Speciality: Coroner. Born to a single mother in an era when everyone came from a two-parent household, Albert Robbins spent his life as an underdog. Spurned by his peers,... Read more

Sarah Sidle

Played by: Jorja Fox, Speciality: A materials and element analyst. Sara is the daughter of a pair of ex-hippies who ran a B&B in Tamales Bay, California. Sara's alcoholic father used to beat he... Read more

Greg Sanders

Played by: Eric Szmanda. He used to work as a lab-tech, but he became a field worker in season five. He idolizes Grissom, once had a crush on Sara Sidle and is known for his "wacky" behavior. He is... Read more

Jim Brass

Played by: Paul Guilfoyle, Speciality: Homicide captain. Jim Brass was born into a middle class family in Newark. When the riots hit in the mid-sixties, Brass was in college. Something about the in... Read more

Nick Stokes

Played by: George Eads, Speciality: Hair and fiber analyst. An easygoing and friendly former college baseball player and fraternity member with a degree in criminal justice from Texas A&M Unive... Read more

Warrick Brown

Played by: Gary Dourdan, Speciality: audio/visual. Warrick Brown is the only member of the CSI team born and raised in Las Vegas. To this day, Warrick has never met his father. His mother passed away ... Read more

Ronnie Lake

Played by: Jessica Lucas. She is quite new to the series, so we don't know much about her yet. We do know she likes to chat a lot and is always very friendly. I know of no demons in her past, but I... Read more

Catherine Willows

Played by: Marg Helgenberger, Speciality: Bloodspatter Analysis, CSI Level 3/Supervisor. Catherine Willows was raised by her single mother, Lily Flynn, a cocktail waitress and showgirl. Lily's unst... Read more

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