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Their result for The what friend of mine are you Test ...

Hey you're Val !

You scored 61 money lover, 60 attitude, 83 family, and 72 friendship!

Val is my girlfriend ! Don't care for money, she's not an attitude girl by any means. Love her family and love here friends too !

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • money lover Distribution

    They scored 61% on money lover, higher than 64% of your peers.

  • attitude Distribution

    They scored 60% on attitude, higher than 64% of your peers.

  • family Distribution

    They scored 83% on family, higher than 57% of your peers.

  • friendship Distribution

    They scored 72% on friendship, higher than 71% of your peers.

All possible test results

You're Fredou !

You're Fred, you don't really care for money, you got no attitude at all (you like pro wrestling probably), you don't care for your family nor your friends. If they don't call you, you stay home and m... Read more

You're Etienne !

You don't really care about money, you don't act like a fool, you stay yourself. You've got some good friends too. Nobody dislike you. Read more

you're vero ...

You don't care about money, you don't really care for your look either. You like your family heyyyyy great deal ... don't care for your friend, nerver care either. Sorry. Read more

Hey you're Val !

Val is my girlfriend ! Don't care for money, she's not an attitude girl by any means. Love her family and love here friends too ! Read more

You're ehhhh ....

not one of my friends, love money, no attitude, love family and friendship ... hmmm interesting mismatch. Read more

not one of my friend

sorry, you're not one of my friends ! Read more

You're Audrey !

Don't fucking care about cash, like to look good, love the suburb to death and got a small circle of friends too. Read more

You're Jean-Luc

You really don't care about money, you've got some attitude but not in a negative way. Your family is important and your friend "were" at some moments in your life. Read more

You're Pat !

Pat likes to get good clothes and good looking since 4 or 5 years. He gots a good look by now, but he's not taking himself too seriously. He care okay for his family and for some friends only. Read more

You're Tom

It's me! I love money right. I don't have a particular attitude, seem to be really straight. Didn't care too much about his family either, except for some members. Love his friends. Read more

You're ...

Not my friend I think, bit of a contradiction. Read more

You're Michele!

You like to have some money in your hands, but you don't bother others with it. You're in love with your village and your old friends from there. Read more

You're Picard

You like money and good looking, it's all about style. You did'nt care for your family, but it's okay lol. You've got a lot a friends, but no great friends with a big G. Read more

You're Karine!

You're in love with money, and you like too look good and you can. It's a nightmare to go in your family, and we can understand. You're always surrounded by friends. Read more

You're Eric!

You like money, you like too look good, you like your old town but you've got a small circle of friends. Read more

You're Eric !

You're Eric from Moores! You like some cash, to be cool looking, like your family and your friends. Seem to be perfect ? maybe not :P Read more

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