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15% Agnosticism and -1% Atheism!

When people say or think "agnostic," this is what they mean.  You're not an atheist and you're not a theist.  You hold some beliefs about the Universe, but mostly you're open to new ideas and know that you can't be certain of anything.  After all, science is constantly re-discovering itself, and so is religion, so why should you be set on something?

You have a live and let live philosophy, a belief system that crosses bridges when it gets to them, and that's kind of okay with you - even if your atheist and theist friends don't quite get it.  That's okay, because you can actually (comfortably) have friends who are atheist or theist.  You get along with most of the people on the spectrum, so long as they don't try to force their beliefs down your throat.

You scored 15% Agnosticism and -1% Atheism!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Agnosticism Distribution

    They scored 15% on Agnosticism, higher than 78% of your peers.

  • Atheism Distribution

    They scored -1% on Atheism, higher than 22% of your peers.

All possible test results


You have a belief system, you believe in certain things about the world, the soul, higher powers, and the afterlife.  Those are YOUR beliefs, though, and you... Read more


You believe in God (or a higher power) and you have a personal set of beliefs which reflects your faith.  You don't, however, feel the need to judge others o... Read more

True Disciple

The Bible, as well as other books of scriptures from other religions, are full of praise for people who have your certainty and belief.  You have a faith as ... Read more


When people say or think "agnostic," this is what they mean.  You're not an atheist and you're not a theist.  You hold some beliefs about the Universe, but ... Read more

The Non-Theist

Your beliefs are not what we would find typical in "Christian America."  After all, you don't believe all the things the Bible tells you to, you may or may not belie... Read more

Absolute Non-Theist

Your beliefs aren't standard.  You believe some things about the afterlife and don't believe others.  You believe some things about higher powers and don't believe others. p... Read more


No, you don't believe in God, the soul, the afterlife, or any of that stuff, but you won't be completely baffled if you die and happen to reach the pearly gates.  Yo... Read more

Standard Atheist

When people say "I'm an atheist," this is usually what they mean.  They're pretty certain that the Universe works in a specific way (which DOESN'T revolve around your God, thank you very much), bu... Read more

The Dawkinsonian Atheist

Like the famous Richard Dawkins, you are an atheist, and you're pretty damn sure that that's the way the Universe functions.  If you could convince the world to drop... Read more

We have no idea.

If you are receiving this error, it means that you landed outside of the normal parameters of the test.  Some people have been commenting that this is the score they received. YOU SHOULD NO... Read more

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