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Their result for The How well do you know RENT Test ...


80 % Lyrics, 90 % Characters, 100 % Plot

Your knowledge ignites my mind with passion and fire - hopefully you think this test crackled and popped with incendiary wit! Well done! There are few who know as much about Rent as you do:) You are an all rounder, you have creativity, imagination... Congrats!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Lyrics Distribution

    They scored 80% on Lyrics, higher than 43% of your peers.

  • Characters Distribution

    They scored 90% on Characters, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • Plot Distribution

    They scored 100% on Plot, higher than 88% of your peers.

All possible test results

Benny - the outcast

Desperate to fit in and yet alienating yourself by your answers.. You came to this test, like Benny returning to the group, confident you could get your way and yet almost destroying everything in yo... Read more

Maureen - Oblivious

Like Maureen you know what is going on with the plot as long as it involves you but by doing this, it cost you a good score and the love of a good woman. Be more attentive to other peoples needs and ... Read more

Mark - Voyeur

You try to be involved with what is going on and notice a great deal but like Mark, you create and observe when you really detatch from being alive. Try being warmer, reach out to people more often a... Read more

Mimi - Attempts

You try to reach out and correctly answer the questions about life and others but you've lost the plot a bit and dont know what to say to get out your pain. You could remain part of the group but you... Read more

Roger - Challenged

You know the people around you fairly well and what is going on with them at the moment but you still cant find the words or that special song that will bring you glory. Try to let your guard down a ... Read more

Angel - Caring

From the moment you come into peoples lives you find out all you can about them and generally know what is going on at all times, however, you have your own baggage and relationships to be getting on ... Read more

Collins - Absent

You have a great history with people and a kind heart but you dont really get involved unless people push you to. No-one knows where you are or what's going on, love is something that happens to you ... Read more

Joanne - Newcomer

You've come to the group fairly recently and only meet everyone through your significant other, so considering that, you've done pretty well at intigrating yourself into the group. You are liked, go ... Read more

Roger - Central

Without really trying you've managed to be an integral part of the group, everyone cares about you and wants to be in your life. The problem is, do you want to be part of theirs? Try speaking up mor... Read more

Maureen - Mouth

You know what to say when it suits you but make no real effort to get to know those around you, they all gravitate towards you but you can seem quite cold and self absorbed. Try talking to people, th... Read more

Benny - Hard

You were once a part of the group but then you pushed yourself to the outside, using what you know about everyone to your advantage. You know what to say some of the time but throwing money at a situ... Read more

Mark - Wary

You watch everyone elses lives unfold through your camera so you're pretty clued up on what is happening but where's your own life? You get a break and you quit, your best friend leaves and you dont ... Read more

Mimi - Loner

You come into peoples lives like a whirling-durvish and then just as quickly out of it again. You know what to say some of the time when trying to persuade people to your way of thinking but communic... Read more

Angel - Involved

Wow, you're pretty good arent you! You make a real impression on people with your warmth and knowledge, you genuinely care and love and know what to say. No stranger to love, you'll go out on a limb... Read more

Collins - Right time

You may disappear from time to time but you have a knack for turning up when you're most needed and it doesnt take you long to get up to speed. You're histories with everyone make it easier for you t... Read more

Joanne - Newbie

You came, you saw, you stuck around till the end. Good for you! You are so wrapped up in Maureen that you havent really noticed whats going on around you, you know what your friends are like as peop... Read more

Mimi - Really here?

You know what to say, you know the people very well but you're still lacking in knowledge of what is going on in their lives past how it impacts on you. Disappearing because things dont work out isnt... Read more

Roger - Almost

You make little effort at first to get to know people or find out whats going on in their lives however, as time goes on, you come out of your shell a bit and make a serious impact on the people you m... Read more

Benny - Talker

You certainly know what to say to people, kudos. The only thing you're lacking is real and honest commitment to the people you're saying it to. You left your old life to be with Alison but then came... Read more

Maureen - Attention

You have no problem saying what you mean but people are rarely sure that it really IS what you mean. If you got to know the people involved, you might have an idea of why people react to you the way ... Read more

Joanne - Learner

You know how to communicate and how to find out what is going on with everyone but have you really gotten to know them? You sit on the edge of the group only becoming involved when really necessary b... Read more

Collins - Absentee

You know the people - or you did months ago before you left - and you still know what to say but because of your frequent absences its hard for you to know whats really going on in peoples lives. Per... Read more

Mark - Aware

Watching people through a camera has its advantages, you know what is happening with your friends, you know who they like, who they dont and what to do for the best. You're not afraid to speak your m... Read more

Angel -Gone too soon

You are happy to express, to communicate and going against the grain for that matter! You know what is going on with everyone, you know just what to say to people. The only thing that lets you down ... Read more

Maureen - In there!

You love to be the centre of attention and it is becase of this that you speak your mind so much, often causing a scene. You know the people around you fairly well - if it suits you - and are aware o... Read more

Roger - Artist

Being the deep, thoughtful and creative artist that you are, you're constantly on the look out for things to inspire you and as a result, you know the people who are in your life well. You arent as i... Read more


Your knowledge ignites my mind with passion and fire - hopefully you think this test crackled and popped with incendiary wit! Well done! There are few who know as much about Rent as you do:) You ar... Read more

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