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Your score on this test really doesn't tell you anything about yourself. However; if you did well pat yourself on the back for being so sexually well rounded- this also probably means that you are amazing in bed- come on, you know that's what you wanted to hear.

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1. 1-3%. Crazy eh? The rest is composed of fluid from the prostate and the seminal vesicle.

2. Sperm count is higher in the winter.  However, researchers aren't sure if the difference is substantial enough to make an impact on fertility. (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/fertility/MC00023)

3. This is true. There have been studies that have shown that it may really be the SRY gene (which is usually attached to the Y chromosome) that determines sex. There are cases of XX males that have an SRY gene and are completely physically functional, but are infertile.

4. The second answer is correct. Gymnos means naked. The Greeks are known for engaging in athletic activities NAKED- even running! Yikes! (http://www.yourdictionary.com/gymno-prefix)

5. Both answers were correct. The Roman gladiator's piercings kept their penis out of the way during combat and also served to prevent them from having sex without their owners permission. The owners were concerned with this because they were able to charge customers for having sex with their gladiator slaves- sort of like a "stud" fee, they had valuable DNA to pass on to create the next generation of gladiators. (http://www.statssheet.com/articles/article41702.html)

6. Boys begin producing sperm at the time of puberty; usually 14-16 years of age.

7. The temperature ofthe scrotum us actually lower than that of the rest of the male body.

8. The female system contains the most ova at about 20 gestational weeks. At  this point she will contain  6-7 million eggs- during the second half of gestation about 4 million of these eggs will die. Consequently a baby  girl is born having ~1 million eggs in each ovary. But the egg  death doesn't stop there- before puberty another 600,000 will die; from that  point the eggs will die at a slower rate. The process of egg death/destruction is called apoptosis- the eggs literally pop, sort of like soap bubbles- and the materials are absorbed into  neighboring cells. This process is useful in that it kills off eggs that have faults.

9. This is true. The reason this occurs is due to the differences in chemical composition of sperm between men. The female system is slightly acidic in its healthiest state. Semen on the other hand is alkaline. Every bit of semen that gets into a females system throws the Ph off which effects the good bacteria that exist in the vagina. When a women has (unprotected) sex with the same person over along period of time her body adjusts to the chemical make-up of that person's sperm and can return to its normals state more quickly. However, if a women has multiple partners with whom she has unprotected sex, the bacteria levels will be effected and she can get something called bacterial vaginosis.

10. The environment in the vagina is acidic and harmful to sperm.

11. The word pudendum actually means "thing of shame"- nice right?

12. The vulva is another word for the entire external female genitalia.

13. Swelling of the tongue is NOT a typical female sexual response- though with all of the people in the world I'm sure someone experiences it.

14. The first answer is correct. Genital bisection is/was (not sure if it still goes on) practiced by some Australian Aborigines- it is an extension of a procedure called subincision (was more common) which involved cutting the under side of the glans penis. Where else can you find two headed (bifid) penises is Australia? On the marsupials and monotremes that live there- thats alot of bifid penises in one place! Obviously- these procedures have to be done CAREFULLY. The penis is made up of three  hydraulic chambers, each of which has a tough covering which allows it to fill with blood become rigid. There are  two on top (the corpus  cavernosa) and one underneath (the corpus spongiosum). By cutting  through any of the chambers one greatly increases rick of losing penile rigidity- because the chamber will not hold blood. The general consensus seems to be that as long as two of the three remain intact the penis can achieve a rather normal erection- usually it seems the spongiosum is the one sacrificed- while the cavernosa remain intact. Aside from rigidity being lost- other dangerous factors to  be taken into account with  genital bisection are nerve damage and excessive bleeding. My educated guess is that usually the corpus cavernosa are left intact because they are next to one another instead of one on top of the other- making the penis "even" if they are the only two left. If one  cavernosa were divided and the other cavernosa- along with the spongiosum- were left it would leave the penis lopsided. I can't see that being any fun.

15. Homosexual behavior is something found in most, if not all, mammalian species.

16. False! There are organisms that reproduce sexually without actually having different sexes in their species. Look it up- interesting stuff.

17. The Shakers are a Protestant religious denomination that do NOT condone having sex. I know in  2006 they only had four members left- I wonder if they got any new ones.

18. The gonads are present in both sexes. In males they are known as the testes and in women they are the ovaries.

19. Gender is the cultural interpretation of how one should behave according to their biology.

20. This is true- the rest of the animal kingdom probably thinks we are very bizarre.

21. Answer: Generally, for a woman, serious assesment of a man's potential (as a father and provider) typically comes before sexual involvement.

22. Sexes within a species are determined by the following criteria: The male is the one which produces a large number of small reproductive cells; and, the female produces small number of large reproductive cells.

23. Anisogamy refers to the form of sexual reproduction that includes gametes of different sizes.

24. The glans of the clitoris contains about 8,000 nerve endings! That is more than the ENTIRE human male penis...

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Your score on this test really doesn't tell you anything about yourself. However; if you did well pat yourself on the back for being so sexually well rounded- this also probably means that you are ... Read more

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