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75% naughtiness

You love to have fun and to flirt. *YaY*

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • naughtiness Distribution

    They scored 75% on naughtiness, higher than 63% of your peers.

All possible test results


Brr! You're not naughty at all! Likely you haven't had many relationships, if any at all, and are currently single. Please do yourself a favor and go to a party and hit on someone or something. BE SPO... Read more

Sorta naughty

You like to have some fun, but are mostly boring. Rarely you have you're naughty moments. GET OUT AND FLIRT! On the upside, you're probably good for a stable relationship. Read more


You love to have fun and to flirt. *YaY* Read more

Very Naughty

You have a lot of naughty ides and habits. You love to have fun and others love to have it with you. You're probably a big flirt. You've had a lot of good times. GO YOU! Read more

It's not hot, it's u

WIld child for sure! You're so naughty you make most people look like nuns and priests. You love strippers, porn, and just plain getting it on all the time anywhere and everywhere. HAVE FUN! Read more

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