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Their result for The Hermit, Wanderer and Courtesan Test ...

The Notepasser

You Scored 35% = independence , 86% = initiative , 100% = openness , 96% = needfulness

You are so badly wanting of everything, you are writing your future married name on your trapper keepers, and passing notes, and giggling up a storm behind your hand. You are totally desiring of love, but you are passive about the whole thing. Perhaps you should just ask the person out yourself, instead of asking your friend to walk past the locker of your crush and drop this note through the slot.

Here are the other categories... do you think you are better matched elsewhere? Something totally doesn't fit? Drop me a message if so! Cloistered Spineless Romantic Spock Buttercup Stab In The Dark Desperado Crutched Marathoner Notepasser Hermit Wanderer Courtesan Cyberstalker CEO Trapped In The Closet Entrepreneur Whole Hog

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • independence Distribution

    They scored 35% on independence, higher than 16% of your peers.

  • initiative Distribution

    They scored 86% on initiative, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • openness Distribution

    They scored 100% on openness, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • needfulness Distribution

    They scored 96% on needfulness, higher than 100% of your peers.

All possible test results


You don't _need_ anything like love at the moment (maybe you've got enough?), and you aren't really open to anything else, and so you really aren't going to try that hard or make any phone calls, or r... Read more

Spineless Romantic

You want love really badly. But you aren't terribly independent, and you don't seem to want to work for any of this love nonsense, but that's ok, since you aren't really open to this 'love stuff' any... Read more


You want love, and are open to it (at least in theory), but you don't seem need it or understand why you need it, and since you operate on your needs instead of your wants you really aren't going to g... Read more


You are a total romantic. You are the sweetheart, the shoulder the cry on, the sensitive and likely overlooked potential and you are so ready, and so desiring, but you, poor dear, are rooted to some ... Read more

Stab in the Dark

There was this guy once, who would go to a bar every night, and he would approach women he found attractive, and ask blatantly... "Would you like to fuck?" -- 9 times out of 10, he got a drink in the ... Read more


Like the "Stab in the Dark" you are out there, working the work, making the effort, but you do it because you *need* love...You might be impatient, or maybe child of womanizers, or you've got some sta... Read more

Crutched Marathoner

You are motivated and emotionally ready, but you seem to have a broken leg, on marathon day. You've trained, you've planned, you've got your sassy nylon shorts on, but since you aren't standing on t... Read more

The Notepasser

You are so badly wanting of everything, you are writing your future married name on your trapper keepers, and passing notes, and giggling up a storm behind your hand. You are totally desiring of lov... Read more

The Hermit

You don't need anything, and you aren't terribly open to it, and so you really aren't going to try that hard, and you are too independent to even consider that all these contrivances are really necess... Read more


You are independent and restless. You know what you need, but it certainly isn't here, and if it was, you aren't sure you would want it. You'll have to decide for yourself if you want to stop and lo... Read more


Strong and independent, all your needs are met, at least by proxy, maybe with a burgeoning community, or a strong ethic, so you aren't going for the gusto here. You are also open to love, but perhaps... Read more


You are full on strong and independent, and open to love, and kinda antsy about it. But you really aren't going to do anything about it - so you check the internet, the equivalent of driving past you... Read more


You can stand on your own two feet, and you've got the wherewithal to make anything you want happen, but you are emotionally closed off, and that's ok, you aren't in a place where love is where your m... Read more

Trapped in Closet

You are highly independent, and willing to take the steps necessary, and perhaps you are a little in love with the IDEA of love, but aren't actually into it. Being open to love generally means being a... Read more


Highly independent, and a bit of a go-getter -- you are totally ready for love, but you probably don't have time for it... or maybe you've got other priorities... or maybe you *think* you have other p... Read more

Whole Hog

You are independent, willing to take initiative, ready and open for love, and a tad bit urgent about it. You want it, and you'll get it at this pace if you play your cards right. Just watch the subtl... Read more

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