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You're Sprite!

Not to sweet, but with a hint of it here and there, but utterly without the pep and pizzaz that people are looking for now and then.

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You're Ginger Ale!

Not overly sweet, nor highly caffeinated, you're the basic... ginger ale. You're the one that people want around when they're not feeling all that great, usually, because you don't tend to be bouncy ... Read more

You're Coke!

You tend to be a little more bubbly and bouncy, but not so much that people want to smack you around for the fact that you can never sit still. You're not overly sweet, and people like that about you... Read more

You're Barq's

You definitely have bite... and people know it. You're the one that people turn to when they're tired of the basic, boring stuff, and want something with a kick to it. Read more

You're Jolt Cola!

Settle down, son! Sheesh. Try having a little bit of compassion for people, and being a little nicer now and then. The entire world doesn't hate you. They just want you to sit down for a minute... Read more

You're Sprite!

Not to sweet, but with a hint of it here and there, but utterly without the pep and pizzaz that people are looking for now and then. Read more

You're Diet Pepsi!

A little sweet, a little crazy, just a hint of both. You probably appeal to the younger, trendier crowd. Or not. What do I know? Read more

You're Diet Coke!

A little sweet, with a kick. Happy, with a hint of pep, too! Read more

You're Diet Mt. Dew!

Not overly sweet, but full of zip... you might want to think about settling down now and then. Not necessarily WITH someone, because who knows if you could handle that? But sleep can be a nice thing... Read more

You're Orange Soda!

Sweet at heart, but no real zing to follow it up with. Come on, get off the couch and quit being everyone's best friend, eh? Read more

You're Grape Soda!

Sweet, with a hint of caffeine, just enough to keep people moving. I think I love you... or it could just be that I like the challenge of not spilling you on the carpet. Read more

You're Pepsi!

Sweetness? Yes! Caffeine? Yes!! You've got it all, and in just about the right amount. Everyone likes you, don't they? And you know it. Read more

You're Mountain Dew!

Sweet, but not sickeningly so. And caffeine? WOW, do you ever have it. Perhaps, though... well, I'm sure that your friends are quite addicted to you. Lucky bastard. Read more

You're Red Cream!

Sweet, almost to the point that you make people gag at times with how much of a darling you are. But nothing of a punch to back up all that sugary-syrup-ness. Ponder your future, and think about dro... Read more

You're Dr. Pepper!

Very sweet, and with a kick that picks people up when they're down. You don't overdo the peppy personality, but you're definitely one that people come to when they're upset. Read more

You're Vanilla Coke!

Sweet, but in a good way...sometimes maybe too good. And with a nice punch at the end that wakes everyone up. Good going, and try not to be so nice to everyone once in awhile. No one likes a doorma... Read more

You're Red Bull

Scary. Just frightening. You can't sit down, because you're everywhere at once. Not to mention how happy and caring you are. Please, continue...while I back away slowly... Read more

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