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The Terminator

You are like a Terminator!  You aren't a rank and file grunt of the robots trying to kill off humanity.  You're a robotic badass assassin who won't even let silly things like time or space keep you from your prey.  Although you have the brain that has more computing power than any computer we have in the present, you still rely on hitting things... or blowing them up... or shooting them... or driving a truck through them. However, you can be reprogrammed to help humanity.  So, don't sweat it if you don't want to be a bad guy.

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Storm Trooper

You're like a Storm Trooper!  You can never do anything right.  You're not even from the FUTURE!  You're from a long, long time ago!  You can't shoot your blaster worth a damn.  You don't even... Read more

Agent Smith

You'd be like an Agent Smith!  You're just a complex program that fights other programs in a fake copy of the world used to pacify humans into being good little batteries that power the computers ... Read more

Big Daddy

You're like Big Daddy!  You're a flesh-eating zombie who only wants... well, to eat the flesh of the living.  You're unusually clever for somebody who has been brain-dead for years, however.  Maybe... Read more


You would end up like Cypher!  You'd spend most of your life stuck in a computer simulation, fight your way out of it, and then want nothing more than to get back in.  Even if that means betrayin... Read more

Johnny Rico

You'll be like Johnny Rico!  You were a star in FUTURE FOOTBALL back in the day, but now you're just a grunt in the SPACE MARINES.  Enjoy your life shooting at bugs.   Maybe one day you'll get ... Read more

Batman: Beyond

You're like Terry McGinnis, aka Batman (of the FUTURE!).  You're still young but you've got a drive to stamp out CRIME!  You've got all kinds of cool toys and gadgets to work with, including a Ba... Read more


You're like Wash!  You are an ace pilot!  You're insightful, funny, and not too unattractive.  Unfortunately, you have no real spine and will do whatever your captain or your wife tells you to d... Read more

The Red Shirt

You're likely to wear a Red Shirt!  Yes, you signed up to explore new worlds.  You even wanted to find new life and new civilizations!  You learned some sort of scientific field and actually wer... Read more

The Terminator

You are like a Terminator!  You aren't a rank and file grunt of the robots trying to kill off humanity.  You're a robotic badass assassin who won't even let silly things like time or space keep y... Read more


That's right, you're like Predator!  You only care about hunting your prey and you like to go at it alone.  You are pretty much a walking arsenal of death and destruction.  There is no a lot tha... Read more

Baron Harkonnen

You would be like Baron Vladimir Harkonnen!  You're a self-serving scumbag of a human being.  No vile act is beneath you to get what you want and you have a large family to back you up.  You hav... Read more


You'd be like Captain Malcolm Reynolds!  Underneath your rough exterior you're really a nice guy.  However, when it comes to fighting battles, you've had enough.  You're only looking for an easy... Read more

Korben Dallas

You'd be like Korben Dallas!  You used to be a Leadership in the military but now you're alone.  You don't follow any orders but your own (if you can help it).  You also can single handedly kick... Read more


You'd be like ZORG!  You will be the head of a giant corporation that you name after yourself!  You will make deads with evil powers from beyond space as long as you don't have to get your hands ... Read more

John Connor

You are like John Connor!  You are leading the human resistance against ROBOTS!  (Or Aliens or zombies -- whatever).  You bring the fight to the bad guys and do what's necessary to ensure the survi... Read more

James T. Kirk

You'll end up like James T. Kirk!  A natural Leadership, you will explore new worlds (or old ones we just forgot), and help SPACE-BABES in need!  There's not much to you, however.  You're pretty da... Read more

You're DEAD!

I swear if you come back as a ZOMBIE I'm going to shoot you in the head! Read more

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