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Religious Fascism

You scored 80 fanaticism, 80 paranoia, 10 socialism, and 30 agrarianism!

Welcome to George W. Bush's America, with an extra helping of paranoia added for good measure. Tomorrow's society is a paranoid, religious police state in which technology, big business, and big religion conspire to keep the public under control. Everything in this society is big. Companies are huge. Churches are gigantic. Massive banks of computers keep data on every citizen. Even the police have really big guns to go with their big Bibles which they use to club people over the head. Religious observance is mandatory, and the only legal religion is a government-sanctioned form of Evangelical Christianity. Anyone who visibly resists is summarily executed. Those who submit work long hours six days a week in terrible jobs, and every Sunday they are herded into churches where preachers tell them how wonderful everything is. Most of them are so brainwashed that they eat it up and think everything is wonderful. Welcome to a religious dreamland that not even Dubya could have hoped for! I hope you like mega-churches, because you will be going to one whether you want to or not.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • fanaticism Distribution

    They scored 80% on fanaticism, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • paranoia Distribution

    They scored 80% on paranoia, higher than 88% of your peers.

  • socialism Distribution

    They scored 10% on socialism, higher than 14% of your peers.

  • agrarianism Distribution

    They scored 30% on agrarianism, higher than 48% of your peers.

All possible test results


It's every man for himself in the America of Tomorrow. Controls on individuals and business have broken down, and everybody uses the advancing technology for his or her own gain. Business are cutthr... Read more


Society is a lot smaller. With the failure of energy sources, technology collapsed and those who survived the resulting civil wars have retreated into the country. Institutions of social control, su... Read more

Socialist Paradise

Welcome to the future. After decades of corporate excess, the workers got mad and brought down big business. Big government is now in control, and people still work hard in factories and offices for... Read more

Hippie Paradise

It is the future, and the hippie movement is alive and well. Energy reserves have run out and technology has collapsed, so people have gone back to the land. Capitalism and its technology have been ... Read more


Big business is king in the America of Tomorrow. Fusion power has made available a limitless energy source, and corporations have made full use of it. Waves of terrorism and invasions have frightene... Read more

Warlord Society

Welcome to Somalia on a grand scale. Energy supplies have dwindled, and the large, centralized society has collapsed. People have gone to the country, where due to security breakdowns brought on by ... Read more

Police State

March, march, march. You will be doing a lot of marching in the America of the future. A highly paranoid, militarized, socialistic dictatorship awaits you. The mechanisms of production are firmly i... Read more

Agrarian Communism

Pol Pot would be proud. His vision has been carried out on a grand scale, and in the land of his old enemy, the United States of America! Technology was discredited when energy ran low, and as stand... Read more

Right-wing Society

If you like George W. Bush, you will love the future. Technology has continued to advance, thanks to cheap energy from fusion power, and capitalism is even stronger than ever; workers have fewer righ... Read more

Puritan Society

The America of Tomorrow is a dreamland (or nightmare-land) of farms and churches. Imagine 17th-Century Massachusetts spread through the entire country, and far more religious, and you have an idea of... Read more

Christian Socialist

Welcome to the future, where you will find Jesus-lovers everywhere. Jesus told us to help the poor, right? The excesses of capitalism resulted in a massive religious revival and a powerful surge of ... Read more

Christian Agrarian

The future is a Christian communitarian paradise! Socialism, religious revival, and a back-to-the land movement have returned America to a collection of small agricultural towns, not unlike in the 18... Read more

Religious Fascism

Welcome to George W. Bush's America, with an extra helping of paranoia added for good measure. Tomorrow's society is a paranoid, religious police state in which technology, big business, and big reli... Read more

American Taleban

Welcome to a future in which society has fragmented into a bunch of highly religious, ultra-paranoid, agrarian communities. Central government has completely collapsed, and what is left is a disorgan... Read more

Religious Stalinism

Imagine a society with a Stalinist philosophy combined with a healthy dose of good old-fashioned Christianity. This is your future. Religion is alive and well, but it is now a tool of the state, uti... Read more

The Worst of All

The future is as bleak as can be. The philosophy that has taken hold of society is a mixture of Pol Pot's agrarian communism and Jerry Falwell's fanatical Christianity. It doesn't get any worse than... Read more

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