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You scored 44 % Comedy, 55 % Tragedy!

Congrats! You like to laugh, but unfortunately the drama gets in the way. For most people, this would be a downer, but for you it's a boon and keeps you from being boring - particularly to you. I'm not trying to say you're full of yourself, but let's face it, deep down inside you love you. Intensely. So much so, you have to share yourself with others. As Shakespear said, life is but a stage - for you that's too true. I hereby announce to the world - your a thespian! Hurrah! Encore! Applause!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Comedy Distribution

    They scored 44% on Comedy, higher than 63% of your peers.

  • Tragedy Distribution

    They scored 55% on Tragedy, higher than 64% of your peers.

All possible test results

Depressed Goth

You are too humorless NOT to be gothic, yet, not so morose as to be emo. So, congrats! You are obviously a depressed goth - one whose other goth friends wonder why you never just turned emo and went a... Read more

Gothic Emo

You are too morose NOT to be emo, yet you are also humorless - a sign of goth. So, congrats on living life in TWO worlds! One, filled with moroseness and angst. The other, a series of one night stands... Read more

Emo Elite

Wow, you are one of the elites in the world of depressives! You view the world staunchly through the medicated eyes of those who should never have been born. Yet, you are too morose to think about sui... Read more

Emo Master

Wow! You are so emo, you're probably crying and cutting yourself by now! You find that the world is a pretty depressing place and nothing good can ever come out of it. You view suicide as the only way... Read more


Congrats! You're a bore! Now get out there and find yourself a personality! Read more


Congrats! You're average. Just average. Read more


Congrats! You like to laugh, but unfortunately the drama gets in the way. For most people, this would be a downer, but for you it's a boon and keeps you from being boring - particularly to you. I'm no... Read more


Congrats! Your a onoes. As in, "Oh noes, my cat sufficated while I hugged it!" or "Oh noes, I accidently cheated on my significant other!" or... well, you get the picture! You love drama, but it overw... Read more

Class Klown

Congrats! You love having fun and games, particularly when there are people around to gawk, stare, and generally hate you. Your tongue is a killer, and everyone knows it. You take things seriously, bu... Read more


Congrats! You are an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, then deep fried and eaten. No one knows the real you - you are too mysterious for even this test to tell you anything else. Congrats! Read more


Congrats! You are normal!... how boring for you. Read more

Unlucky Rat

Congrats! You love life, unfortunately it HATES you. Passionately. I wish I could tell you that there is hope, a rainbow of peace for you. Nope. Not for you. You're too unlucky. But, you take it in st... Read more


Congrats! You are so happy, happy-go-lucky, and carefree - so you must be pretty naive and dumb not to think this was a serious test! I hereby pronounce you a B-I-M-B-O. I mean, Bimbo! Heh. Sorry for ... Read more

Shiny Happy Person

Congrats! While you sometimes crave a little drama, you love having a blast - so much so, that sometimes you forget how depressing you are to those around you. Like an angel, you shine bright with gla... Read more

Happiness Freak

Congrats! You love to laugh, so much so that nothing can get you down - except unhappiness! Which is why you keep on getting it on with other happy people. Yet, something always comes along to ruin it... Read more

Happy Psychopath

Congrats! You enjoy comedy as much as tragedy, and as a result, you are a psychopath! At least you're a happy one! =D Read more

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