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Classic House

Required living space: about 1700 square feet

For you, the old-fashioned colonial, Queen Anne or Cape Cod, the medium-size house with the medium-size yard in the neighborhood that started off middle-class when it was built (70 or 80 years ago) and never changed. There may be a porch swing and/or a favorite tree. There is a high probability of dogs. Which neighborhood? That'll probably depend on the schools.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • sqft Distribution

    They scored 17% on sqft, higher than 51% of your peers.

  • pos Distribution

    They scored 7% on pos, higher than 19% of your peers.

All possible test results

Studio Apartment

Your personal space needs are minimal. Chances are you spend hardly any waking time in your apartment anyway; most of your life takes place outside it. A single living/bedroom with a bathroom and kitc... Read more


Your personal space needs are minimal, but you'd like a bit of open space. Where can you find a small enough place for your stuff that isn't in a large apartment building? How about a a href="http://... Read more

Parents' Basement

You're not ready to break free of the suburban town you grew up in, but you still don't need as much space as you'll find in even the smallest apartment in your area. If you braved the big city, a stu... Read more

Cabin in the Woods

Got a bit of Thoreau in you, eh? Or maybe Ted Kaczynski? Whichever it is, it looks like you'd be happiest in a little one-room cabin in the middle of nowhere. Your personal space needs are minimal, bu... Read more

Vintage Apartment

You're the classic urbanite. How much do you really need to own when there's so much around you that you can take advantage of? A preWorld War II one- or two-bedroom apartment is just the ticket for y... Read more

Not So Big House

You may have a little trouble finding your ideal home, because the Not So Big House is kind of a new premise in architecture -- rather than add more rooms, ... Read more

Duck Landing

You want the openness of suburbia, but you don't need as much personal living space for yourself. Your best bet is that apartment village built around a man-made lake, the one called Something-or-othe... Read more


Wanted: One cozy little love nest, 1 or 2 BR, large lot, scenic views, preferably far from the hustle and bustle of civilization. You want to get away from it all, but not all by yourself. There's roo... Read more

Loft Conversion

You need space, but you don't want to remove yourself from the excitement of the city. A larger, three- or four-bedroom apartment might be the ticket, but why not have a little fun? Find an old indust... Read more

Classic House

For you, the old-fashioned colonial, Queen Anne or Cape Cod, the medium-size house with the medium-size yard in the neighborhood that started off middle-class when it was built (70 or 80 years ago) an... Read more

Sprawl Pod

Paging Dr. Stepford! Your real estate agent is on the phone. She found you the perfect place: new construction in a growing "community," garage assing out toward the street, plenty of lawn to mow, on ... Read more


You've seen Field of Dreams, right? OK, that house is the house for you. Spacious yet cozy, old yet sturdy, sprawling yet always following its own internal logic. Built when things w... Read more


OK, let me get this straight: You want to live in the heart of the city, but you're not going to get the amount of private space you want in a place that fits on one floor. Probably not even two. You'... Read more

Main Line Mansion

Got money? I hope so, because for the kind of place that's ideal for you, you're going to need it. Your lifestyle vision places you in the old streetcar suburbs where the pillars of society live, wher... Read more


Hello, Ugly American! You embody the "more is better" value system grown metastatically out of control. If two bathrooms are good, three must be better. If a walk-in closet is good, a whole dressing r... Read more


Just what are you stockpiling in there, anyway? You seem to want to get away from it all and bring it all with you at the same time. I guess you'll be prepared in case of apocalypse. Of course, thi... Read more

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