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Tom Petty

52 Humble, 0 Excessive, and 54 Worldly

Your score lands you somewhere in the neighborhood of Tom Petty. Still breaking hearts after all these years, Petty may not be as prominent as he was in the 80's - but he remains one of the true rock 'n' roll gods.

It's tough to peg Petty on the humility scale. As one of the last true rockers alive, he embodies the stomp and swagger that people usually associate with a rock and roll frontman - and he certainly knows his place in the pantheon. Even so, Petty avoids the self-aggrandizement that plagues other aging rock icons and instead prefers to speak from the sidelines as a still, small voice of reason. He approaches himself and his music with a self-deprecating sense of humor, and appears open and easy to talk to. He may be an icon, but he's one that most people wouldn't mind sharing a beer with. Your high humility scale suggests that you, like Petty, won't let your godhood go to your head.

As with his swagger, the vast majority of Petty's excess comes on stage - and even then it's almost entirely an excess of rock. He is a musician's musician, a songwriter's songwriter. You don't picture Petty on silk sheets surrounded by hundreds of groupies (although that might be true, for all I know) - nor do you imagine him riding in the back of a Hummer limo. He is a simple man. Your low excess score suggests that you, too, retain a down-to-earth style even though you could afford to purchase half of the boutique stores in Los Angeles.

If there's anything that Petty's lyrics overall encourage you to do, it's to think. He's not immune to having pure rocker moments in his music, but he has a lot of subjects he's very passionate about and that he's willing to approach through his art. Your high worldliness score suggests that you, like Petty, want your audiences not only to rock, but also to rock the vote. And their school board. And their town hall. And anything else where they can provoke positive change in the world.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Humility Distribution

    They scored 52% on Humility, higher than 70% of your peers.

  • Excess Distribution

    They scored 0% on Excess, higher than 13% of your peers.

  • Worldliness Distribution

    They scored 54% on Worldliness, higher than 96% of your peers.

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