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Isn't the Mars Rover mission cool? You are quanitative enough to know that the presence of phosphate and chloride ions are a tell tale sign of saturating water in ferrous rocks. Beware of your archnemesis: The Astrobiologist - hissss!

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Eccentric Theorist

You have a variety of theories about the forces and particles that govern the universe, but frankly none of them make much sense at all. You try to study molecules and particles, but don't bother to g... Read more

Social psychologist

You apply your qualitative skills to people and their behavior. You also like cute little doggies and kitties. Good luck with that. Read more


Yeah. The title pretty much describes it. You are a master of describing the interactions between people and the extent to which these interactions contribute to societies. Just try not to spend too m... Read more


You really care about the big picture, but frankly you don't seem to want to gather any data about it. Onward with the intuition. Just don't get trapped in a closet with another theologist. Similarly ... Read more

Molecular Biologist

You really like running gels. Ooh Ooh! You like pretty SEM pictures even more! But systems biology probably makes you want to gag. Read more


You like looking at animals and plants. You probably caught insects as a kid and tried to pin them in a collection - you sick bastard. Your ideal vacation is to a sweltering jungle where you sit stari... Read more


E.O. Wilson is your hero (pictured). Relatedness functions are your daddy. Haplodiploidy is your mommy. The great thing about your philosophy is that everything can be explained through nice hand-wavy... Read more


You like biology, but only care about it at the greatest scales: Gaia. Frankly, your science is a bit too political to be fully respected by the rest of us. You are driven particularly insane by the c... Read more

Physical Chemist

Wow, you are one dedicated investigator. You are probably Asian. You made exceptional grades in college, but for some reason decided to take the GRE instead of the MCATs permanently alienating you fro... Read more

Organic Chemist

You were one of those curve breakers weren't you? Besides earning the hatred of most of the pre-meds in your orgo class, you managed to impress the professor with your affinity for syntheses. Now you'... Read more


Your heart really lies in equilibria and rate constants, but ever the pragmatist, you've realized that there is more grant money if you can spin your work as possibly leading to a cure for cancer. You... Read more


Isn't the Mars Rover mission cool? You are quanitative enough to know that the presence of phosphate and chloride ions are a tell tale sign of saturating water in ferrous rocks. Beware of your archnem... Read more

Particle Physicist

Well, if being a lawyer isn't rocket science, and rocket science isn't neurosurgery, then neurosurgery isn't particle physics. You are a quantitative bad ass. You talk about quarks and bozons and stri... Read more

Material Scientist

A valuable asset to humanity, your kind is responsible for the discovery of such society altering materials as non-stick pans, super glue, silly putty, burlap, and John Kerry's skin. If you want to be... Read more


Physics is OK, but you know what is really cool - stars! You know what would be crazy man? If our galaxy was a like a particle in an atom of an even more giant universe ... and maybe, like, all the at... Read more


You deal with the largest scale science there is - the nature of the universe. Open, closed, flat? Everyone really wants it to be flat, but you know the sad truth it's either Entropy Death or Big Crun... Read more


Forget science. You are a mathematician. You have an uncanny ability to dissect mathematical intution into its component parts - splitting everything into those snazzy little delta and epsilon balls. ... Read more


Like your uber-quantitative kin you have forsaken any attempt to describe reality. Instead you have focused on the minimal mathematical structures that support arithematic. Snazzy. You have a sadistic... Read more


You are a mathematician, and have a deep contempt for all the fools who study things that exist, or even worse, are tangible. Your work contributes to the greatest body of knowledge - the mathematical... Read more

Math Logician

You are the pinacle of the species homo sapiens. Your brain is uniquely suited for proving your lifelong goal - the completeness of arithmetic! Since this is impossible, there is a significant chance ... Read more

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