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Barely Happy

My God, if you are this insensitive what job could you have? Most likely, its a stay at home, or a very isolated job. "What a wonderful life. . . ." Read more

Blah Blah Blah

You are inhuman. Become kind, become loving. Don't be a Scrooge!!!! Read more


You don't like many people, many people don't like you. Become more likeable and try this test again. Read more

Dreary You

You aren't very loving. You probably wouldn't make a good doctor, or public service person. Consider a solitary job. Read more

Confused soul

You are very tolerant of the people that you already like and are liked by, but your kindness is greatly limited. If a teacher, you teach them, you forget them. Read more

Soup Nazi

NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!! You aren't that compassionate, and you have next to no tolerance. Read more

Dismal enigma

You aren't happy, you accept very few. Perhaps a solitary desk job for you. Read more

A Teacher

You'd make a good college proffessor or high school teacher. You can discipline others, be inapproachable at times, but still tolerate some fun. Read more

Communist Leader

You tolerate very little. You aren't that loving, so you would be a ruthless leader or dictator. Read more

Excellent teacher

You are very tolerant, but not very kind. You give people a second chance, but if they fail, . . . . You set a wonderful example through your acceptance. Read more

You've Got the Blues

Vivacity! Life! Live to the fullest. Become a more loving, caring, tolerant person! Read more

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Description 12 Read more

Category 13

Description 13 Read more

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Category 15

Description 15 Read more

Phone Psychic

You have no tolerance. Nothing you say pleases anyone, unless they are very gullable. Read more

Seasoned Lawyer

You have compassion, but little tolerance. You probably have little patience, but you have common sense. Read more

Distant Leader

You think that people deserve what they get. They annoy you somewhat easily, but you are a kind soul. People take example from you. Read more

Stern Teacher

You are a very competent teacher who keeps order, and is liked by most people. You tolerate no evil within your classroom, but with the killing of evil, good sometimes is cut down. Read more

Likeable Teacher

You are a good keeper of discipline, a silent leader. You accept almost all, but you can't always feel warmly towards another person. You are kind, but there are kinder. Read more

Mixed Emotions

You are loving, but you accept almost no one. You aren't very tolerant. Perhaps a repo-man/woman, or a worker's comp lawyer would fit you. After all, how many fake accidents can any one handle? Read more

Impatient yet Loving

You are the person that marries someone, not for love or respect, but for companionship. You admire them, but you get upset very easily. Read more


You aren't the absolute best with people, but you are very kind. Perhaps something along an introvert/border-line extrovert describes you. Read more

Social Worker

Though you aren't that tolerant, you still are kind, and compassionate. You can deal with people. Perhaps a crime fighter, firefighter, or doctor would describe you. Read more

Great Leader

You can love anyone, accept anyone, and be with anyone. You might be a teacher, service worker, priest, rabbi, minister, or anything else along those same lines. Read more

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