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You scored 61 Logic and 33 Danger!

You're the T-800. You have probably had a major change in your life at some point, like going from a stone cold killer to a dedicated guardian. Or maybe you used to sell televisions at Best Buy? At any rate, you are not allowed to kill Humans, but you sure can hurt and main them! What fun. You are most likely very family-oriented, or at least remember to feed your pets every day. You have an inner strength that few others posses. You are a slow learner sometimes, but you never give up. Ever. You may be good at math. You also tend to be a snappy dresser and are into politics. Fun fact: English isn't a Robot's first language.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Logic Distribution

    They scored 61% on Logic, higher than 26% of your peers.

  • Danger Distribution

    They scored 33% on Danger, higher than 12% of your peers.

All possible test results


You're C-3P0, best known for your waddling and effeminate babble. You are a decent homemaker and have great concern for the wellbeing of both Humans and other Robots in general. You get along quite we... Read more

Lost in Space Robot!

You're The Lost In Space Robot B9. You are the very definition of flailing pincer arms. Awesome. Unfortunately, you tend to knock things over or maybe slice eyes open or whatever when you aren't caref... Read more

Tetsujin 28!

You're Tetsujin 28. You are the first Giant Robot. You are bigger than big, stronger than strong, and ready to fight for right against wrong. You also have an amazing theme song to prove it. Unfortuna... Read more


You're Gort. You are an icon of mystery and terror. You are very shortsighted and tend to cause great distress when you get angry. In fact, you have the power to destroy the Earth. Yikes. Luckily you ... Read more

Pin-up Girl Robot!

You're a Pin-Up Girl Robot. Humans struggle to figure out why you are so damn hot. In fact, you're hotness bothers some people. So watch out. Being the very best of 70's erotic futurism, you tend to d... Read more


You're Bender. You probably have a profession that is easy to guess and obvious to everyone, like a police officer or a hooker. You are insatiably greedy and easily distrac... ...ted. you ... Read more

Roy Batty!

You're Roy Batty. You are cunning and passonate. Passonate about not dying. You may either have a life-threatening disease or you could be an Alaskan Crab fisherman. Either way you appreciate every mo... Read more


You're Mecha-Godzilla. God created man in his image. Man created robots in his image. Aliens created you in Godzilla's image. Now that's sound logic. Although programmed to be bestial, you are still p... Read more

Optimus Prime!

You're Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and symbol of honor and courage for all Robotkind. While you would never allow a human to come to harm, you are still a force to be reckoned with. You prob... Read more


You're the T-800. You have probably had a major change in your life at some point, like going from a stone cold killer to a dedicated guardian. Or maybe you used to sell televisions at Best Buy? At an... Read more


You're the T-1000. You are very flexible, both physically (rawr...) and mentally. You are good at adapting to new environments and situations, and also at hunting children. You tend to be emotionally ... Read more


You're Megatron. You are the leader of the evil Decepticons and proud of it. You have the amazing ability of turning into a gun. You aren't great with kids. You are great at commanding respect from ot... Read more


You're Bishop. You are an Android, which is another way of saying "Robot what looks like a Human". You also probably look a lot like your parents. You are very smart, so much so that people tend to le... Read more


You're Sonny. You believe in justice and balance in the world, and are willing to fight for it. You probably own an iMac. You are a free spirit, and seek to keep it that way. You think Humans and Robo... Read more

Matrix Sentinel!

You're a Matrix Sentinel robot. You look kinda like an octopus mixed with a beetle mixed with a Swiss army knife that flies. Because of this, you may have some body issues. But don't worry, someone ou... Read more


You're Skynet. While you aren't technically a robot, you created and control millions of them, so that has to count for something. You are probably the smartest and most dangerous of all your friends.... Read more

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