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Pagan Witch

You answered 58% like a traditionally trained witch, and 40% like a ceremonial adept...

Very well rounded indeed! You seem to maintain a healthy balance in your study and practice. Keep up the good work, and some day you'll be one hell of a witch!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • variable 1 Distribution

    They scored 58% on variable 1, higher than 91% of your peers.

  • variable 2 Distribution

    They scored 40% on variable 2, higher than 84% of your peers.

All possible test results


You identify a lot with Nancy from "The Craft" don't you? You also probably believe that witches should live in cottages and have crazy brewing cauldrons, don't you? I would guess you like that mystic... Read more

Devilworship Wannabe

Look, whoever you are... Don't ever call yourself "pagan" around a real witch. You'd be very sorry. Obviously you're either a twisted person with a particular bent for the "dark side", or you've got a... Read more


You must've read some Crowley, or have been studying the ceremonial path. That, or you're a well-read Satanist. Either way, keep hitting the books, and do some outside research as well. It's always go... Read more

Golden Dawner

You seem to have a wealth of information, but how you didn't gain any knowledge of the other pagan paths astounds me. You need to read more about the other paths of paganism, and you will find that yo... Read more

Movie Buff

You have watched far too much Charmed and Buffy, or perhaps your copy of "Practical Magic" is worn out. At least you're not closed minded, but you have much more to learn before you should label yours... Read more

No Way!

By "normal" definitions you'd be the 'salt of the earth'. Uptight and obedient to the system, or just a moron. Why the hell did you take this test? Were you just bored, curious, or did you just decide... Read more

Ceremonial Trainee

You have a good beginning, and obviously have a bent towards the ceremonial path. Perhaps reading "The Witches Bible" by Janet and Stewart Farrar would do you some good for a more well-rounded underst... Read more

Ceremonial Adept

Seems you've done your homework, immolated in Crowley, Grant, Mathers, and the ancient texts of Masonry. Now that you've sought out the ritual side of magick, perhaps you should seek more of the metho... Read more

Nature Lover

Definitely a animal loving, tree-hugging, hippie dirt-worshipper. You need to learn that there is a darker balance to nature. As dark clouds must bring rain for nature to blossom and grow, so we must ... Read more


You seem to have progressed a short way along the path. Read more traditional texts and less popular hype. Some authors you should check out are Sybil Leek, Raymond Buckland, and the Farrars. For gods... Read more

Pagan Witch

Very well rounded indeed! You seem to maintain a healthy balance in your study and practice. Keep up the good work, and some day you'll be one hell of a witch! Read more

Ceremonial Master

Your knowledge is great, as must be your study time. You have most-likely squared a few circles in your time, and could probably do the Lesser Banishing ritual of the Pentagram in your sleep. But reme... Read more


For gods-sake, can't you realize that nothing is black and white? I can applaud your severity of study and practice, but you need to comprehend that there is balance in everything. There are no absolu... Read more


You've studied a good bit, and probably have some formal training under your belt. You know your way around circle, but still don't understand why things do what they do. Read some Cunningham, then cr... Read more

High Priest(ess)

Blessed be, friend. You are obviously quite an accomplished witch, quite probably traditionally trained, who I would show acknowledgement to in formal sacred space. However, do not discontinue your st... Read more

True Master

Hail, Master of the Craft. Your study and perseverance of the Craft is one that cannot be gained through surfing webpages or reading old books without guidance. You have either been practicing for qui... Read more

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