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Louis XIV

Louis XIV


Louis XIV Ah, Le Roi Soleil! A fantastically powerful and charismatic man, Louis XIV, also known as "The Sun King", managed to rule for 72 years, the longest reign of any European monarch. Under your firm and absolute guidance, France grew and prospered as never before, and during your rule, you constructed a system where the King's power was absolute and unchallenged, by emasculating all of the powerful nobles who might have been able to muster a real challenge to your absolute authority. This proved disastrous when lesser men came into your office after your death, because they had neither the foresight nor the will to use absolute power effectively, but during the 72 glorious years of your reign, you reigned supreme.Not content merely with ruling your OWN country, you placed a member of the House of France on the Spanish throne, beginning the House of Bourbon in that country. To this day, the Spanish Monarch is descended from Louis XIV.The arts and writing flourished under your enlightened rule, you built Versailles (yes, THE Versailles) and turned it into the cultural and power center of all of France, and also founded the Hôtel des Invalides, the first organization of its kind, that provided treatment and a home for officers and soldiers in the French army rendered infirm by age or injury.After outliving all of your children, you eventually succumbed to gangrene at age 77, at which point your great-grandson succeeded to the throne.

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James II

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Charles II

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Henry VIII

Warrior.  Eater.  Lover!!  Henry VIII was a true Renaissance man, and an accomplished musician, author, and poet as well as a fair general and powerful monarch.  He was known for his appetites, an... Read more

William of Orange

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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar.  The man, the emperor, the legend.  Not many people can singlehandedly unite Rome under his iron fist, but you're apparently one of the few who can.  Once captured by pirates and hel... Read more

Suleiman I

Suleiman the Magnificent   The tenth and longest reigning Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman was known as the Magnifent and the Lawgiver.  ... Read more

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great.   This man conquered the entire world before he turned 30.  As a boy, his tutor was ... Read more

Louis XIV

Louis XIV   Louis XIV Ah,... Read more

Cyrus the Great

Warrior, statesman, and poet.  Cyrus the Great FOUNDED the Persian Empire, and under him, it stretched from southwest asia on the right to the Indus river on the left, incorporating Egypt, Central As... Read more

Mary Queen of Scots

Coming to Queen-hood at a mere 7 days old when her father died at age 30, Mary was betrothed to the son of King Henry VIII, Edward at 9 months. ... Read more

Emma, Queen of Franks

Described as having uncommon courage and talent, Emma of the Franks even led an army a... Read more


She rose from the modest roots of a minor concubine to becoming the de facto ruler of all of China.Concubine to emperor Hsien-feng, she became mother to his only son in ... Read more


Cleopatra VII Antipater How would you like to be a beautiful and intelligent princess?  Not enough for you?  Well how would you l... Read more

Queen Anne

Queen Anne of England, last of the Stuarts Anne, the last monarch of the House of Stuart, was a good politician and monarch in diff... Read more

Queen Elizabeth I

The Virgin Queen Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I was cut out of the succession by her brother, imp... Read more


Hatshepsut   One of the mo... Read more

Sophie, Electress of Hanover

This was a stunningly complex and competent woman, who was second to none in the arts of diplomacy and international politics.  To give you an idea, she managed to get her son who was a born German w... Read more

Amina, Queen of Zazua

A strong willed warrior queen who ascended the throne at age 43 when her brother died, Amina was a feared and powerful monarch. She used her military prowess to expand the territories of Zazzua, grea... Read more

Queen Victoria

She reigned for 63 years and 7 months, the longest of any British monarch to date.  She has a whole ERA named aft... Read more


  Born into the ranks of the middle gentry, obscure for the first 40 years of his life, Oliver Cromwell exploded from obscurity to genera... Read more

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