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54% liberty, 52% individualism

Your people give up only a precious few rights that they believe is only necessary to maintain a stable nation under a code of law. The individual is encouraged and is given the opportunity to advance himself/herself in their society. Although service to the community is not completely absent, more focus is placed on the advancement of the individual.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • liberty Distribution

    They scored 54% on liberty, higher than 31% of your peers.

  • individualism Distribution

    They scored 52% on individualism, higher than 64% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Hive

Your people live in perfect harmony with eachother. They trust government officials who know what's best for the society. Your citizens are basically told what job to work and what family to raise. ... Read more

Communist Nation

Your people live harmoniously together. They give up many liberties to have a fair and balanced society. Your citizens however are not completely into sharing all of their profits. Some people like... Read more


You oppress your citizens with your absolute rule. They have hardly any rights, but are driven to seek wealth and power through whatever means they can. Your most successful citizens are either ruth... Read more

Ruthless Dictator

You crush your citizens into submission. You can't trust your closest advisors. The only way your citizens can succeed and come to power is through treachery and fear. Your most successful citizens... Read more

Shamanistic Society

You have a strong government of Elders and educated citizens. You have strict traditions. Citizens have no choice but to work to survive. Anything your citizens make in excess goes directly to help... Read more


Your citizens enjoy a few freedoms. They gladly give those freedoms up for government funded housing, medical care, welfare, and public schools. The government follows/uses the (holy book) and/or th... Read more


Wealthy citizens rule your nation. These select few can do whatever they want. The common citizen can do whatever they please as long as it does not affect the profits of the wealthy few. Read more

Criminal Society

Free market. Black market. It's all the same. Anything goes as long as you don't piss off someone in the process. In that case your dead. Your people's governing body is whatever rag tag clan of ... Read more


Your people follow their ideology... religiously. There is no room for non-believers. As long as a citizen participates and works for the good of society and the ideology, they can do what they plea... Read more


Your people enjoy many liberties. The government provides many goods and services like medical care and public schools for all citizens. The focus of your society is the well-being of the people as ... Read more


Your people give up only a precious few rights that they believe is only necessary to maintain a stable nation under a code of law. The individual is encouraged and is given the opportunity to advanc... Read more

Hippy Commune

Your people live in peace, and celebrate the beauty of every individual in society. Everyone can do what they want for the most part, as long as it doesn't threaten the balance of peace within the so... Read more

Primitive Society

Your citizens have the freedom to do what they wish. Unfortunately due to the lack of education or lack of neccessities they are forced to work in food production to merely keep themselves and societ... Read more

Tribal Society

Your people do what they wish, and live happily in their close knit society. Unfortunately due to education or lack of resources, they are forced to work to provide for the community. Your citizens ... Read more

Townhall democracy

Your people are self-sustaining, and enjoy a peacfeul and free life. Citizens co-exist well together, and any disturbances of the peace is dealt with in a fair and reasonable way. The governing body... Read more


Your people do whatever they want, and when they want to. They are self-sustaining and independent. Every citizen co-exists so well that there is very little need for a governing body. Every indivi... Read more

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