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The Giving God

Dažbog (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Latin: Dabog; Polish: Dadźbóg; Serbian Latin: Dajbog), alternatively Dazhbog, Dazbog, Dazhdbog, or Dadzbóg, was one of the major gods of Slavic mythology, most likely a solar deity and possibly a cultural hero. He is one of several authentic Slavic gods, mentioned by a number of medieval manuscripts, and one of the few Slavic gods for which evidence of worship can be found in all Slavic nations.  He was a god of giving and of the sun.  Recently, a chain of coffee shops has been named after him.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Baba_Yaga Distribution

    They scored 11% on Baba_Yaga, higher than 53% of your peers.

  • Dazbog Distribution

    They scored 56% on Dazbog, higher than 93% of your peers.

  • Rod Distribution

    They scored 0% on Rod, higher than 7% of your peers.

  • Crnbog Distribution

    They scored 0% on Crnbog, higher than 22% of your peers.

  • Stribog Distribution

    They scored 0% on Stribog, higher than 28% of your peers.

  • Yarylo Distribution

    They scored 12% on Yarylo, higher than 55% of your peers.

  • Lascowiec Distribution

    They scored 37% on Lascowiec, higher than 81% of your peers.

All possible test results


Yarylo or Yaryla is a deity of love, romance and beauty.  Originally his name was Yaryla and he was male, but over centuries he has become female and his name was changed to Yarylo.  S/he i... Read more


Stribog (Stribozh, Strzybog, Стрибог) in the Slavic pantheon, is the god and spirit of the winds, sky, air and especially cold weather; he ... Read more

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga (also: Baba Jaga) is a witch-like character in Slavic folklore. She flies around on a giant a href... Read more


Rod (in Slavic languages Род), sometimes referred to simply as god (Div, Di... Read more


Chernobog (also spelled Crnobog, Czernobóg, Černobog or Zernebog from the Russian Чернобог... Read more


Dažbog (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Latin: Dabog; a ... Read more


Lascowiec is a Slavic wood-spirit that protects wild animals. He is called 'master of wolves' by the eastern and southern Slavs. He is portrayed as a wolf, or a stag riding on a wolf. The Czech ca... Read more

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