Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test

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You are the Magician!

Goal: Transformation

Fear: Evil sorcery

Response to Dragon/Problem: Transform it

Task: Align self with cosmos

Gift: Personal power

Addictions: Power, hallucinogenic or mind-altering drugs

Magicians are intuitive to the point that they know things that they did not know they could know. The Magician sees the sacred as something immanent in us, nature, society, the earth, and the cosmos. Thus the Magician provides as sense of connectedness wit the whole and an understanding that what within us contains all that is outside ourselves. Magicians can align the body, mind and soul around a commitment to really let go of a pattern. In healing the self, the Magician learns how to heal others.


Shadow Magician:

If a Magician internalizes either’s voices and listen to the abusive voices in our own heads, we become subject to the Shadow Magician. By denying the power to heal and transform, a Shadow Magician is born. A Shadow Magician tends to act out in hostile and harmful ways, judging people harshly and making people feel like less than they are.

Shadow Magicians use their charisma to control others. A Shadow Magician, though able to see and understand so much, chooses to deny the truth and avoid dealing with the matter before and in him/her.

Shadow Magicians depend on Shadow Orphans as targets.

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You are the Innocent!

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You are the Orphan!

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You are the Warrior!

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You are the Caregiver!

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You are the Seeker!

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You are the Destroyer!

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You are the Creator!

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You are the Magician!

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You are the Ruler!

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You are the Sage!

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You are the Fool!

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You are the Lover.

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