Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test

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You are the Innocent!

Goal: remain in safety

Fear: abandonment

Response to Dragon/Problem: Deny or seek rescue

Task: Fidelity, discernment

Gift: Trust, optimism, loyalty

Addictions: Consumerism, sugar, cheerfulness


 The Journey of the Innocent, in all its versions, begins in a kind of utopia, a safe, secure, peaceful, loving environment. Suddenly, we are thrown fro m that environment and enter a world where we are judged, where unfair discriminations are made, where conflict and violence are rampant and illusions are shattered.”

The Innocent in each of us, however, knows that if that safe garden is possible anywhere or anytime, even if we personally never remember experiencing it, then it can be recreated sometimes, by someone.

Only at the end of our journey are we Wise Innocents, knowing the whole breadth of life’s experiences, and choosing to create a peaceful, egalitarian world where all creatures can be known, honoured, and empowered.

The Innocent also believes that it is important to stay defined by one’s persona and have no secrets from the world.

 Shadow Side:

The Shadow side of the innocent wants to protect the innocent state by refusing the Fall, and can cause us to be in denial about our own actions. When healthy, Innocents transgress, forgive themselves, moderate their behaviour, and move on. Shadow innocents blame themselves if others violate their principles.


How others will see you:

Shadow Orphans will tempt the Innocent to cross the physical and metaphorical street and to flout the rules. The Shadow Warrior will wage war on the Innocent, criticizing unmercifully.

The Shadow Caregiver will demand sacrifice and accuse the Innocent of selfishness if he or she shows the slightest regard for personal wishes or welfare.

You will see others as:

Seekers will be seen as heretics, Destroyers as enemies, Lovers as immoral seducers, and Creators as dangerous sources of hubris.

All possible test results

You are the Innocent!

Goal: remain in safetyspan... Read more

You are the Orphan!

Goal: Regain safetyspan st... Read more

You are the Warrior!

Goal: Winspan style="font-... Read more

You are the Caregiver!

Goal:   Help others.span... Read more

You are the Seeker!

Goal: Search for better life/span... Read more

You are the Destroyer!

Goal: Metamorphosisspan st... Read more

You are the Creator!

Goal: Identityspan style="... Read more

You are the Magician!

Goal: Transformationspan s... Read more

You are the Ruler!

Goal: Order, prosperityspa... Read more

You are the Sage!

Goal: Truthspan style="fon... Read more

You are the Fool!

­­­Goal: Enj... Read more

You are the Lover.

Goal: Blissspan style="fon... Read more

Tied! Try Again!

You scored $(Innocent)% Innocent. Author: here you should write a description of this test result, telling the taker what his/her score means and why they got it. N... Read more

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