Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test

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You are the Lover.

Goal: Bliss

Fear: Loss of love

Response to Dragon/Problem: Love it

Task:  Follow bliss

Gift:  Passion, commitment

Addictions: Relationships, sex


The Lover’s path is the path of the Soul, the path of Eros instead of Ego. The Lover is often unfairly criticized for his/her lack of prudence when making decisions by following the often illogical, more difficult path of following one’s passion. Most of the other Archetypes, especially the Orphan and the Sage, will be very critical of the Lovers ability to surrender their control for their passions. A well-developed Lover, however, also has a strong identity and a deep foundation that is not easily recognized by the types that are controlled by Ego.


Shadow Lover:

When Eros is denied due to social or other cultural restrictions, it goes underground and emerges in its shadow forms, which are depraved and destructive rather than life-giving and life-promoting. The Shadow Lover causes violence, jealousy, and the objectification of self and others.

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You are the Innocent!

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You are the Orphan!

Goal: Regain safetyspan st... Read more

You are the Warrior!

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You are the Caregiver!

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You are the Seeker!

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You are the Destroyer!

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You are the Creator!

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You are the Magician!

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You are the Ruler!

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You are the Sage!

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You are the Fool!

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You are the Lover.

Goal: Blissspan style="fon... Read more

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You scored $(Innocent)% Innocent. Author: here you should write a description of this test result, telling the taker what his/her score means and why they got it. N... Read more

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