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Their result for The What Job (MOS) In The Military Test ...

Navy Officer

You scored 48 Intelligence, 12 Bloodthirstines, 22 Ingenuity, and 19 Work Ethic!

You're really smart, but not really good at anything else....but don't worry...that means you get paid a lot of money to take it easy...just don't be surprised if all the people under you hate you.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Intelligence Distribution

    They scored 48% on Intelligence, higher than 84% of your peers.

  • Bloodthirstines Distribution

    They scored 12% on Bloodthirstines, higher than 0% of your peers.

  • Ingenuity Distribution

    They scored 22% on Ingenuity, higher than 0% of your peers.

  • Work Ethic Distribution

    They scored 19% on Work Ethic, higher than 0% of your peers.

All possible test results

Army Clerk

Well....you're not smart enough for the Navy or Air Force, and you're too much of a wimp for the Marines...add that together with the fact that you're lazy and not very creative...well...think of your... Read more

Army Supply

Well, you're dumb and wimpy, and couldn't think of an original idea to save your life, but at least you work hard...giving the people who matter what they need to save your ass....don't worry....you p... Read more

Navy Electrician

Well, you're not very bright, or brave, or hard working...but every now and then a little spark of genius comes by. Unfortunatley it is usually accompanied by a shock that means you screwed up... Read more

Naval Mechanic

You work hard....and can be creative from time to time....so the Navy wants you fixing things...you might get luck and do something really cool, and get a patent and a promotion out of it. Read more

Marine Rifleman

You're a good soldier, maybe not the smartest, but you know your job and follow orders...you just like to see things die more than any 'sane' person Read more

Marine DI

You're mean as hell and love to work long hours...yelling at the recruits to keep them moving...but you're basically a good guy...maybe even a family man Read more

Marine Supply

You love the sight of blood....and you're pretty creative.....and since the Marines hardly ever get resupplied, you don't have to work very hard. Read more

Army Infantry

You like blood, and know how to put in a hard days work. On the other hand, you're not a robot and can think for yourself. Be proud to know that you are the back bone of the Army, but also realize y... Read more

Navy Officer

You're really smart, but not really good at anything else....but don't worry...that means you get paid a lot of money to take it easy...just don't be surprised if all the people under you hate you. Read more

Army Officer

You're smart, and not opposed to hard work...you don't especially like death, and you're not very creative...but all in all your men like you... Read more

Air Force Officer

You are the elite of the elite, smart as Einstein, and as creative as Da Vinci.....on the other hand you're a wimp and lazy...enjoy living in the air conditioning and remember the Air Force motto, "We... Read more

Army Ranger

You are the best of the best....jumping out of planes...killing the bad guy...and coming home to the family....you're not crazy about death, but you don't mind handing it out from time to time, everyo... Read more

Marine Force Recon

You're smarter than the average bear, but also more bloodthirsty....all they have to do is point you where they don't want anything living anymore, and you'll take care of it. Read more

Marine Officer

You're smart, and hard working....but also as crazy as Old Yeller when he had rabies.....which means all your marines love you... Read more

Air Force Pilot

A little better than just an officer, at least you do something...but not much....all you do is look pretty for the camera and fly around every now and then. Read more

Army Special Forces

You work hard, are creative, and smart. Unfortunatley you are a little bit psycho. Everyone respects you....but the truth is they are a little afraid of you...don't forget to get the blood from out ... Read more

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