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Kingdom of Freedom!

You eat bread and democracy. Nothing is like freedom for you.

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  • Democracy Distribution

    They scored 17% on Democracy, higher than 69% of your peers.

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You could have a good political life in Italy.  You should live in the best country in the world, but you're the worst politician ever lived. You think that what is good for the rich is goo... Read more


You have a good idea of what is right and what's not. You know that things must be conquered with suffering. But you think you're the best even if it often happens you're wrong or isolated. Being prou... Read more


You think you are the best because you've been ruling all the world for centuries. Well, times have changed. You're only an ancient country with a wonderful heritage that is disappearing th... Read more


Germany is an old country with a great past. yeah, it has done many wrong things, but it learnt the lesson. Nowadays it is certainly one the best country in the world you can live... Read more


You eat bread and democracy. Nothing is like freedom for you. .  Read more

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