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Their result for The which Batman villain are you? Test ...


The clinical, cruel and unfeeling Scarecrow matches you best!

You think madness is a fine art, something that must be studied and applied wherever possible, both for learning and gratification. Some people regard you as "immoral" but you don't care, you're doing this for the sake of scientific study! Philistines...

You are clever and completely immoral, but strip away your gas and scary mask and you are but a weak man.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Two-Face Distribution

    They scored 10% on Two-Face, higher than 6% of your peers.

  • Joker Distribution

    They scored 58% on Joker, higher than 91% of your peers.

  • Bane Distribution

    They scored 13% on Bane, higher than 31% of your peers.

  • Kroc Distribution

    They scored 24% on Kroc, higher than 54% of your peers.

  • Harley Distribution

    They scored 17% on Harley, higher than 36% of your peers.

  • Deadshot Distribution

    They scored 24% on Deadshot, higher than 49% of your peers.

  • Ivy Distribution

    They scored 49% on Ivy, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • Riddle Distribution

    They scored 32% on Riddle, higher than 63% of your peers.

  • Ghul Distribution

    They scored 22% on Ghul, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • Scarecrow Distribution

    They scored 70% on Scarecrow, higher than 99% of your peers.

All possible test results


You think madness is a fine art, something that must be studied and applied wherever possible, both for learning and gratification. Some people regard you as "immoral" but you don't care, y... Read more

Ra's Al Ghul

You are "The Demon's Head", the shadowy puppeteer behind almost every affair in world government. And why? To protct mankind, and the world, from humanity's baser instincts. You aren't really ... Read more

The Riddler

No one appreciates your genius, do they. They are all out-of-step, fools and morons that strive to hold back your brilliance out of jealousy or stupidity. But, being the intellectual you ar... Read more

Poison Ivy

You may not be strong but you are determined and seductive and, in a world that is half male, that's a useful tool to have. But people are playthings really, aren't they? Your real love is ... Read more

Killer Kroc

You're a man...crocodile...thing that has a grudge against humanity and teeth to match. You hate everyone, and their pets, and their toys and especially wimpy vigilantes that get in your wa... Read more


That's him. "The man who broke the Bat". You don't get many with a genius level intellect and near-impossible strength, but you are lucky enough to be one of them. You constantly strive to pro... Read more


You're clever, cunning, manipulative and completely insane. You like to blow things up, gas them, shoot them, stab them...you know what, it doesn't really matter because they are all a good... Read more


You've got the cold and calculating Deadshot, an unmatched shot and professional assassin. You slink around in the shadows, waiting for the perfect oppurtunity to fire your single high-velocit... Read more


You like to keep a gang of people around you and using orthodox weapons such as pistols. You are also very fond of making things unpredictable and like to add that little bit of randomness to ... Read more

Harley Quinn!

Well, looks like you got everyone's favourite homicidal clown-girl with a heart of gold! You love working with people, for people or genuinely just trying to have a laugh. Sure, you don't vent... Read more

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