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Their result for The Compatibility with DaveBrubeck Test ...

Perfect Match!

Well now, let's take a looksee...

WHOA! You're perfect for me! You live the same kind of way I do, you like similar movies, you ever do all that perverted stuff on the last page!

The big question is: Am I perfect for you? Have you got a compatibility test? Do I sound like the kind of guy you'd be interested in? Seriously let me know! We could be great together!

I wonder if you're as shocked at this result as I am?

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • lifestyle Distribution

    They scored 100% on lifestyle, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • movies Distribution

    They scored 100% on movies, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • sexual Distribution

    They scored 100% on sexual, higher than 100% of your peers.

  • fetish Distribution

    They scored 100% on fetish, higher than 100% of your peers.

All possible test results

Complete Opposite

Whoa! You're the bizarro DaveBrubeck. Considering what was in that last section, you're probably very relieved about this. I imagine the opposite of me is some kind of sp... Read more


All we have in common is that last section. You know, the pervert section. Maybe we'd do ok in some kind of master/slave situation. Unfortunately I'm fairly against sex-only type of re... Read more


Hi there, beautiful! We like the same kind of romantic sexual stuff, but we're at a loss for the rest of it! Maybe you're the best kind of person who could have taken this test.... Read more

Heartbeat Away

You have found yourself in the oddest category this test has! Quite an achievement! You love and lust just like I do. That's fantastic! You don't like the same movies, but who cares, a... Read more

Movie Buddy

Ok... so we like the same kind of movies, but we're completely different people, and completely different lovers. That's cool! Movies are always better when you're sitting with someone ... Read more

Porn Watcher

We like the same movies, and we're both perverts. What else is there to do? Let's watch some porn! I've got quite a collection. I'm sure you do too. There's hours of footage we c... Read more

Romantic Comedy

Well you might not be a pervert, and you might not care about the weather so much, but we could totally catch a movie sometime. We match on the movies and sensuality sections. We'd pr... Read more

Erratic Lover

You absolute perv! You're just like me, except you seem to be more sociable and don't care so much about career and all that stuff. I can't believe you're into the stuff on that... Read more

The Poet

So you know where you're going, and it's nowhere near me! You seem to have a good idea of where you stand in life and can appreciate the sheer beauty of nature. Unfortunately for me, y... Read more

Freaky Friend

So no movies and romance, let's just be perverts together, huh? Okay! Sure! I bet we could go around being the neighbourhood voyeurs and have a blast! That sounds like your thin... Read more

Halfway Romantic

You've found yourself into an odd little category here - You seem to live a similar life and like to be sensual, but you're not into movies (or the same kind of movies) and, not surprisingly, ... Read more

So-Close Lover

How can you not like movies?! That's the only way we differ. So long as we don't talk about what's new at the box-office, we'd make a great pair! You're even into all that perverted... Read more

Good Friend

Hey budsky! We should definately go to the movies sometime! You're not into the way I love (or lust), but you obviously have a great taste in music, and like to live the way I do too! ... Read more

Lusty Lover

So you're into all the same kind of stuff as I am except all that lovey dovey stuff? You're happy with the pervert page but you squirm at me brushing your hair? You sound really intere... Read more

Wonderous Love

Why Hello! Do you know what you are? You're normal! We're compatible in every way except that last, perverted page! This is terrific! If nothing else, we should definately watch... Read more

Perfect Match!

WHOA! You're perfect for me! You live the same kind of way I do, you like similar movies, you ever do all that perverted stuff on the last page! The big question is: ... Read more

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