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Middle of the Road?

You scored 51 patience, 27 selfishness, and 11 rage!

Hey, look at you! You look like a responsible, well-behaved driver. You have a great deal of patience, very little selfishness, and very little road rage. I'll bet that you let a lot of very grateful people in ahead of you, and that you even feel good when they wave back in gratitude. Likewise, when someone lets you in, you wave and honestly mean it. You're one of those drivers we'd all like to be - conscientious, compassionate and considerate. If more people drove like you do, the roads would not only be more pleasant to drive on, but safer, too. Thank you!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • patience Distribution

    They scored 51% on patience, higher than 60% of your peers.

  • selfishness Distribution

    They scored 27% on selfishness, higher than 42% of your peers.

  • rage Distribution

    They scored 11% on rage, higher than 36% of your peers.

All possible test results

Frustrated Yet Calm

You are short on patience, but also on selfishness and rage. You would seem to be generally frustrated and impatienton the road, and yet you don't take those hostile emotions out on your fellow driver... Read more


You are short on patience, which leads to frequent frustrations on the road for you, but you are also short on selfishness, too - I suspect this means that you'll let people get in ahead of you, but t... Read more

You Scare Me

You have almost no patience, and your road rage score is WAY, WAY up there! Dude, you need to relax and slow down - remember, it's not your personal road, and we all have to get someplace. None of us ... Read more

It's MY Road!

You've got almost no patience, precious! And your potentially high selfishness score - What's that about? Are you, like me, an only child? That'll do it, sometimes. However, and thankfully, your road ... Read more


Honey, you've got some issues, I'm sorry to say. You have almost no patience, a lot of selfish tendencies, and a bit of a potential road rage problem. Let me guess - you don't often let people ahead o... Read more

You Freak Me Out!

Ok, let's look at what we've got here, eh? Almost no patience, a potentially great deal of selfishness, and a metric assload of road rage? HOLY CRAP! You are an episode of COPS waiting to happen, baby... Read more

Selfish but Harmless

You're nearly off the charts on selfishness, Darling - why must everything go your way? You want to be in that left lane, don't you? Yes you do - and you don't want to move for anyone - let them pass ... Read more

Selfish & Angry

Wow - you are a force to be reckoned with on the road, baby! You have almost no patience, you are incredible selfish, and you have the capability to get really, really pissed off and possibly go balli... Read more

Hell's AngelsTremble

You are one scary motherfucker. You have almost no patience, and your capacity for selfish and rage-driven behavior on the road could be legendary, if only people found out about it. You regularly swe... Read more

Middle of the Road?

Hey, look at you! You look like a responsible, well-behaved driver. You have a great deal of patience, very little selfishness, and very little road rage. I'll bet that you let a lot of very grateful ... Read more

Patient...to a Point

You try very hard to be patient - you let people in front of you, you wait your turn at 4-way stops, you take deep breaths when someone cuts you off...but then, sometimes...you just Lost It. You get p... Read more

Be Very Very Careful

Due to the limitations on categories placed on creating tests, the patience category for this description is large - from 26 - 65. You could have no patience at all, or a rather generous amount. Facto... Read more

Where do you fit in?

This one's tricky, OKCupidite - you may have a lot of patience or not much at all, given the vagaries of the categories here. You do seem to have quite a bit of selfishness, but also a very low rage r... Read more

The Wild Card

Wow, would you look at you?! You are right in the middle, aren't you? Fairly well-balanced, it would seem, and although you might throw the finger around a bit, I don't see you as the type to r... Read more

You're an Odd One

Yes you are! You potentially have a lot of patience, but you're also loaded with at least moderate selfishness and a metric assload of road rage. What's going on, there? What's got you so stressed out... Read more

The Prince/Princess

Oh MY but you just can't stand going out of your way for someone else, can you? After all, they're supposed to just naturally part the seas of traffic so that you may flow through unobstructed - yes? ... Read more

How Do You Work?

Ok, so you've got a lot of patience...and yet your selfishness score is almost off the charts. And then there's the lurking road rage, coming up a strong second behind the selfishness, too. What's goi... Read more

White Phone, Please.

Paging Mario Andretti, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Ah! Mario! How are you, buddy? No? Not Mario? Oh! Well, you surely have the driving characteristics - you're somewhat impatient, you are... Read more

Bless Your Heart!

You are patience incarnate, you are an almost complete lack of selfishness and rage...you could almost be the Dalai Lama of the roadways! You allow people to do what they need to do without holding it... Read more

So Close to Perfect

You've got a wonderful patience score, and terrifically low selfishness...but what's with the moderate road rage tendencies, Buttercup? You've got the tools with which to handle the idiots and asshole... Read more

A Hair's Breadth...

Wow - this is an interesting mix of scores. You have patience out the yin-yang, your selfishness level is admirably low...but what's with the rage, Sweetheart? You've scored in the highest road rage c... Read more

Average Joe/Joan

Hello, you cornerstone of the American/insert-your-country-here freeways! You exemplify the most common type of driver here in the United States - patient yet selfish, and generally not prone to road ... Read more

Don't Push Me TooFar

You are patient and wise, and generally you apply that to your driving. However, when someone pisses you off...you are prone to swearing and possible gesticulations. I don't see you running anyone off... Read more

All Extremes

You could easily be one of those "all extremes all the time" sort of person - are you? Or are you just the victim of the particular questions I threw at you that unjustly plunked you into a category i... Read more

Please Go Away

You try very hard to be patient, and it looks like you succeed - this is great, thank you! However, you also get pretty selfish and you don't always act considerately toward your fellow drivers. Since... Read more


I don't quite understand you (you and a few other categories, too, actually.) You have oodles of patience, but you also have tremendously selfish tendencies - what gives? And why would you want to get... Read more

Total Extremist

You don't do anything by half-measure, do you? When you're patient and kind, you are PATIENT AND KIND! When you are selfish, you throw a fit (internally or externally) that would make any diva proud. ... Read more

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