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The Senator

You scored 37 privilegedbirth, 55 scholarliness, 52 ruthlessness, and 28 outspokenness!

You were born to serve Rome, and serve her you have. You have sacrificed much as you obsequied to the emporer and looked the other way while your friends and colleagues were put to death for charges various and sundry. You are a great orator and the eternal statesman. Let's just hope your sons don't get impatient waiting for you to die, I saw them trying on your senatorial robes. Hmm..maybe better for them to be named in a conspiracy. After all, you still have daughters.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • privilegedbirth Distribution

    They scored 37% on privilegedbirth, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • scholarliness Distribution

    They scored 55% on scholarliness, higher than 93% of your peers.

  • ruthlessness Distribution

    They scored 52% on ruthlessness, higher than 83% of your peers.

  • outspokenness Distribution

    They scored 28% on outspokenness, higher than 50% of your peers.

All possible test results

The slave

Your parents were paupers, and you eschewed learning so your fate is pretty much a wash. On the bright side, you are a pretty standup kind of person and you know how to keep your mouth shut. You stand... Read more

The Gladiator

Your birth is either low or a mystery to us all, ala Ben Hur. Maybe you came from the territories, maybe you were a galley slave who mutinied. Whatever the reason, now you fight for your life and the ... Read more

The Soldier

Your low birth destined you to slavery unless you put your neck on the line for the Roman Empire! You might have saved that neck a little longer if you'd listened to Epictetus and read your scrolls fo... Read more

Barbarian Chieftain

You would never let non-Patrician birth stand in your way! You lead the hordes of Celts or Turks or maybe Local 147 into battle to bring down the Legions of Doom. Rome must burn, and you will use all ... Read more

The Teacher Slave

You didn't let your low birth keep your nose out of those books. In fact, you're probably from Greece originally where your birth is regarded as descended from the gods themselves. The Romans,however,... Read more

Banished Scholar

You're lucky to be banished! Most guys like you end up with their entrails on the front steps. You rose from your lowly birth with learning, but you forgot to keep your mouth shut. Nobody likes a part... Read more

The Trusted Adviser

You have done well for yourself, Serjanus. You were born a pauper but through learning and cunning and knowing never to tip your hand you have risen to one of the highest positions in the Empire. Of c... Read more

Territorial Governor

Well, no, you weren't born a noble Roman, but you never let that stop you! You read the books, you killed the competition, but you made one fatal mistake. You didn't know when to keep your mouth shut.... Read more

Pampered Patrician

You were born to a life of leisure and you've done everything you could to sustain it. You never bothered with the teachings of Plato, all that business about the Republic would have jeopardized your ... Read more

The Murdered General

You had everything one could ask for: great birth, the good sense to eschew learning, and a decent set of morals. Too bad you just couldn't keep your mouth shut. Those pesky Republican principles got ... Read more

The General

What glory you have brought to the Empire! You have a wreath for every occasion. You used your high birth to advance through the legion officers with all of the backstabbing cunning you could summon. ... Read more


Hail Caesar! You made it. You took your noble birth, managed to ignore the teachings of your Stoic tutors, and killed off everyone in your way to the throne. You used your tongue as a weapon just as o... Read more

The Poet

Ah, Catullus. While your brothers were going off to war, you remained behind in Rome, sewing your words to the sweet sounds of sheltered privilege. You don't have a mean bone in your body, and you kno... Read more

The Martyred Royal

Ah, Germanicus. You were such an asset to Rome, what with all of your military conquests and great cocktail parties. You really brought home the paycheck, and your Fatherland appreciates it always. It... Read more

The Senator

You were born to serve Rome, and serve her you have. You have sacrificed much as you obsequied to the emporer and looked the other way while your friends and colleagues were put to death for charges v... Read more

The High Priest

You were born to greatness, and you knew the best place to express it was in the temples. You learned everything you could from the Greek until you had him poisoned. You have strong opinions and you w... Read more

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