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You scored 62 Charisma, 49 Wisdom, 75 Goodness, and 40 Power!

Lliira is responsible for having inspired thousands of bards and other creative people with her joyful presence. She is a happy spirit, always dancing, always free. Lliira teaches her followers to get the best out of life, and to dance their fears away.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Charisma Distribution

    They scored 62% on Charisma, higher than 94% of your peers.

  • Wisdom Distribution

    They scored 49% on Wisdom, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • Goodness Distribution

    They scored 75% on Goodness, higher than 86% of your peers.

  • Power Distribution

    They scored 40% on Power, higher than 51% of your peers.

All possible test results


Kossuth is the deity of fire and flames. He is not evil, nor good. Not wise, nor stupid. He isnt particularly handsome. He cares little for anything but fire and flames, and doesnt really get involved... Read more


You are the dark lord, Bane, lord of Tyranny and intentional evil. Your followers follow you, because they fear what you might do to them if they wont obey. You have many enemies among the gods, but n... Read more


Always good by heart, and always aiding those in need, such is the nature of Ilmater. You are gentle and good-spiritied, and a very popular god among those too weak to defend themselves. The other dei... Read more


The deity of dawn, athletics and births, Lathander, is the deity closest to your personality. He is a good, and powerful god, always smiting evil and aiding his followers to follow in his steps. He is... Read more


Azuth is the deity of wizards and mages, and is the advisor to the lady of mysteries, Mystra, deity of magic. Azuth is very wise and somewhat powerful, being able to capture a previous deity of knowle... Read more


Silvanus is the deity of nature. He is not evil, nor is he good. He exist only with the sole purpose of tending to nature. His followers are made up of mostly druids and rangers, and he only rarely le... Read more


Justice and law is the things that matters most to Tyr. He is largely worshipped throughout the civilised regions of Faerun, and mostly by Paladins and other holy warriors. Also known as the maimed go... Read more


Chauntea is the deity of harvest. She is also known as mother earth, and is a very powerful deity commonly worshipped in civilised lands. Chauntea changes with age. When she was younger, she was known... Read more


Vain and beautiful. Whimsical, but good. Sune doesnt really care about anything but her own appearance. She is the deity of beauty, love and passion, and her followers are no better than her. Though s... Read more


Seductive and plain evil, such is the mistress of the drow. Banned from the rest of the seldarine (the elven deities), along with her evil siblings, Lolth is known and feared throughout Faerun. Only f... Read more


Lliira is responsible for having inspired thousands of bards and other creative people with her joyful presence. She is a happy spirit, always dancing, always free. Lliira teaches her followers to get... Read more


The lady of luck is a popular deity in Faerun. She is kind, but can flip personality by the flip of a coin. Together with beshaba, she was born from the previous deity of luck, Tyche. Read more


Selûne is one of the most ancient deities of Faerun. She is kind, but wild, and is known for her many appearances, which change alongside the moon. Her ancient battle against Shar, her sister, is the... Read more


The evil and dark Shar is one of the most intelligent deities in Faerun. Carefully tending the secrets of life in Faerun today, she brings despair and hopelesness to those who do not worship her. Her ... Read more


Mystra provides, and tends the weave, of which she is effectively the embodiment. She is the mother of all magic, and allow wizards, sorcerers and other spellcasting people access to the weave. She is... Read more


Ao is the king of the deities. No one knows anything about him, except that he is the possible creator of the universe and deities altogether. Read more

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