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The Great Team

You scored 69% in Intelligence, 82% in Athleticism, 100% in Sportsmanship, and 81% in Loyalty.

Your team is in a category by itself. They exude class, they never quit, they have the skill, speed, grit, and determination to go all the way, and they always seem to get better as the year goes on. There aren't many teams in this class, and that's understandable - it's a rare class to achieve. They only way they can lose is if they beat themselves... and it's been known to happen, so don't get too cocky now. Your teams: Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, New York Rangers, Anaheim Ducks, Pittsburgh Penguins

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Intelligence Distribution

    They scored 69% on Intelligence, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • Athleticism Distribution

    They scored 82% on Athleticism, higher than 34% of your peers.

  • Sportsmanship Distribution

    They scored 100% on Sportsmanship, higher than 82% of your peers.

  • Loyalty Distribution

    They scored 81% on Loyalty, higher than 76% of your peers.

All possible test results

Not-so-good team

Your team is, well, bad. Okay, they suck. They're probably thinking about the golf season when the puck drops for the first game of the year. But hey, every team has its day, and someday your team wil... Read more

Up-and-coming team

So when the team announced it had a 5 year plan to get better, you said "Okay, I can live with that." And live with it you have. Fortunately, it seems to be working, and your team is nearly on the cus... Read more

Average team

Hey, there's no shame in being average. Your team is the one that makes hockey interesting in February and March. You scrap and fight at the end to try and get into one of the last 4 playoff spots in ... Read more

The OK team

You're better than average... but not by much. Your team has some skill and character, but not nearly enough to go all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. You might sneak into a conference final if you... Read more

The Fast Team

You have speed. Lots of it. You love to see your players flying up and down the ice, leaving opponents in jet-stream as you pass. The only problem is that sometimes, you forget to take the puck with y... Read more

The Decent Team

This is one of those teams that can make it if it tries... or something like that. Your team has skill and speed, but is lacking in the 'grit' department. Just hope that none of those big, bad teams t... Read more

Fair-Weather Team

Depending on which way the wind blows, your team is either really great, or it really sucks. It's tough to get a read on what sort of team this is, and you'll drive yourself crazy at all of the incons... Read more

The Classy Team

Your team plays hard, and fair. You put in an honest effort every night, and most times you're rewarded for it. However, you don't always adjust well when something goes wrong, and that is your eventu... Read more

The Cerebral Team

Your guys think through anything, and everything. They can read a play with the best of them, and know just what to do in most any situation. Now, if only they could actually get to the right places o... Read more

The Smart-Ass Team

Your team can play mind games like no one's business. In fact, your team is so good at playing with everyone's minds that they often mess up their own in the process. From working the referees, to acc... Read more

Mentally Tough Team

Nothing gets your boys down. A 12-0 loss to the worst team in the league? Eh, you'll get them next time. A 8-0 shellacking of the best team in the league? Well, that's a nice win, but we can't get ove... Read more

The Fading Team

You've seen your best days already, that's for sure. The slow, steady decline into mediocrity is beginning, but you'll be damned if you go down without making some noise first. You still remember the ... Read more

The Ruffian Team

Your team loves a good fight. They can beat a team into submission with their fists as well as their skills, and either way is good for you. Unfortunately, they also take a lot of stupid penalties - a... Read more

The Arrogant Team

Your team is good, and they know it. They also want everyone else to know it, and that means they have to tell them... over, and over, and over again. It's so bad that even the fans think they're bett... Read more

The Free-Agent Team

Your team likes to buy it's talent wholesale. They think nothing of emptying their wallet on a few big name free agents in the endless pursuit of a Stanley Cup championship. But, that team chemistry t... Read more

The Great Team

Your team is in a category by itself. They exude class, they never quit, they have the skill, speed, grit, and determination to go all the way, and they always seem to get better as the year goes on. ... Read more

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