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The Black Hole

You are amazing and one of the most powerful forces in nature. You are the only object in the universe that is seen through those around you and you deep down crave that attention. Noting escapes you theoretically, not even time. Practical Equivalent: The Atomic Flash / Polar Opposites: The Sun, Phosphoric Glow

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Phosphoric Glow

Unique in all the world you can be in complete darkness and shine like the day. Not many rely on your light because it is so rare, but those that do can not live without you and have probably expresse... Read more

City Glow

You are the foundation of your friends. They rely on you to feel safe secure and a little insecure. The light you bring can drown out the stars and turn night into day. The only problem is your true b... Read more

Camera Flash

Brilliante and temporarily disorienting. You capture images in the dark and hold them in your gaze. It just takes a bit of attention before you are ready for another shot at it. 5 sec. or so. You are ... Read more

Laser Light

WOW is all I have to say. Please do not look into my eyes because I will go blind. You require an almost constant maintenance, but the things you can do are worth every minute of it. With one look you... Read more

The Flashlight

What happened to the energizer bunny when he put his battery in backwards? The flashlight is not quite as accurate as I would like it to be because you do not require as much attention from people as ... Read more


You are every attention lovers dream. For you enhance their features ( As long as they wear makeup ) and draw attention from entire crowds. You are the support and for that others love you. In theater... Read more

Halogen Light

Turn the glare down just a bit my eyes are starting to hurt. Reliable is the first word that comes to mind as well as efficient. You actually do not require a lot of attention and you give almost too ... Read more

Neon Light

Eye Catching and fun you are a powerful draw for those looking to have some fun, though that is not to say you are easy. People are drawn to your flashy colors and awe inspiring changes, just like the... Read more

Ultra-Violet Light

Though sometimes harsh to those with a less than perfect complexion you show the truth in all of its glory. Fun to have around and even funner in the right atmosphere. Black Lights tend to lean toward... Read more

The Nightlight

The hero to every child. Parents may see you as daunting and may feel uneasy sometimes about leaving you around, but you are their friend and the one that saves them from the monsters. Children love y... Read more

The Candle

You are strong enough to fend off the shadows in which you live and add hope to those weary from travel. You have enough warmth to warm the heart and do not require as much attention to continue burin... Read more

Atomic Flash

The most destructive force on earth. Many bow to you not only because of your natural anger, but also your unnatural beauty. You are amazing to look at and can clean out a room of the opposite gender.... Read more

The Sun

The source of all life and many deaths. You have the most energy and the charisma. You require no one in order to burn bright. Life on eath would not exist if you were not there. Keep that in mind the... Read more

Diffused Light

Though not necessary you are relied upon without even knowing why. The beauty you bring amplifies our own perceptions on the world around us and the soft dcolors and hughes brighten the world. You nee... Read more


You are a good companion. The light that keeps us warm and even when we can not see you you are there for us. If not given proper attention though you tend to burn others and help those who do give yo... Read more

The Nova

Brilliante and beautiful you demand massive amouts of energy and attention. This is not a bad thing seeing as how what you give in return brings the hardest heart to tears. Practical Equivalent: The... Read more

The Aura

The least understood by anyone you are the aura. Whether you hold life in your grasp or simply are a sign that life really does exist is up for debate, but true and true you surround almost every livi... Read more


You take very little attention and maintenance in order to be stunning. Your personallity is amazing and you leave others in awe. The downside is that others are often intimidated by you and they will... Read more

The Campfire

A sign of a good time you are both helpful and fun to be around. It takes a great amount of care to build a campfire and if it is neglected it tends to seek out other forms of fuel. You are there for ... Read more

The Forest Fire

Beautiful and dangerous all at once you are a necessary part of nature. You have a tendacy to light up any situation and a knack for getting rid of excess baggage. The only down side is the tremendous... Read more

The Stars

You may come off just as distant as the stars. This is just how you choose to be and you like the fact that you really do not need anyone. You may not be necessary for life, but to all those that trav... Read more

Fluorescent Glow

You are one of the more enchanting things nature has to offer. Many insects use the light in the nocturnal hours for mating and many plants carry a glow to warn potential preditors of there ill effect... Read more

The Moon

Though the truth be told, you borrow your light from the sun. You are still an important source of light to many. You control the tides and are often seen as the mother of life. Many turn to you in ti... Read more

The Black Hole

You are amazing and one of the most powerful forces in nature. You are the only object in the universe that is seen through those around you and you deep down crave that attention. Noting escapes you ... Read more

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