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Wednesday Addams

Our test has determined that you possess 68% Hellbentness, 31% Sanguinity, and 24% Creeps!Well done!

Your Proto-Goth Icon Match is Wednesday Addams!

Wednesday Addams, whose middle name is Thursday, was originally- as her name suggests- a quiet, somewhat pathetic child, full of woe. She was a sweet-natured, happy child, largely concerned with her pet spiders. A favorite toy was her Marie Antoinette doll, which she had guillotined and which she often showed to visitors.

Wednesday Addams is in most respects a typical little 8-year-old girl. She likes playing with dolls and holding tea parties with her stuffed animals ? only her dolls are headless, her stuffed animals are the cobbled-together remains of real animals, and her tea parties have ingredients such as cyanide, arsenic, and sulfuric acid.

Like her mother, Wednesday rarely makes a show of her emotions. She is a quiet girl, speaking little but saying some rather disturbing things when she does speak. Many a visitor to the Addams home has been put at great unease by her uncomfortable stare. Also like her mother, she is not without emotions, as anyone who has gotten onto her bad side will surely attest! Perhaps her wealthy, doting parents spoiled her a little too much. One thing is for sure, she is definitely an Addams and will make her family proud.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Hellbentness Distribution

    They scored 68% on Hellbentness, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • Glamitude Distribution

    They scored 72% on Glamitude, higher than 70% of your peers.

  • Sanguinity Distribution

    They scored 31% on Sanguinity, higher than 34% of your peers.

  • Creeps Distribution

    They scored 24% on Creeps, higher than 16% of your peers.

All possible test results

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Vincent Price!

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Herman Munster!

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David Bowie!

The experts here at the Proto-Goth Icon Study Department at Miskatonic University have determined that your Icon Match(tm) is David Bowie! Commonly known as the "chameleon of pop", a href="http:/... Read more

Cousin Itt!

Our little hirsute inamorata of Proto-Gothicness... Cousin Itt is arguably the most enigmatic of the many Addams Family members. The three-foot-tall mass of hair normally sported sunglasses, gloves an... Read more

Peter Murphy!

Your Proto-Goth Icon match is Peter Murphy of Bauhaus! Thin, with prominent cheekbones, a rich voice, and a penchant for gloomy poetics, Murphy is often called the "Godfather of Goth." Rising from... Read more

David Vanian!

Stylish, energetically rambunctious, and more than a fair bit strange, your Proto-Goth Idol match is David Vanian! David is famous for bringing the gothic image to the pop culture world due to wea... Read more

Marilyn Munster!

Well! It looks like maybe your inner goth isn't quite in full bloom yet. Our wonderful test has equated you with Marilyn Munster! Herman and Lily Munster's niece has the distinct honor of b... Read more

Siouxsie Sioux!

You are Siouxsie Sioux, lead singer of Siouxsie and the Banshees! Siouxsie and the Banshees were a British gothic rock band that ... Read more

Bettie Page!

Hey, you sexy thing! Our sweet little test has determined that your Proto-Goth Icon match is Bettie Page! Alexia O'Neil describes Bettie's connections to the goth scene well in her book, "Bettie P... Read more


Beautiful, creepy, and bloodthirsty, your Proto-Goth Icon is Vampira, the world's first TV horror host! Vampira was played by Maila Nurmi, the Finnis... Read more

Jim Morrison!

"When Jim Morrison stepped on stage bathed in black leather and began singing, reciting and screaming his rich, dark, apocalyptic, visceral lyri... Read more

Pugsley Addams!

Our smart-n-sassy little test has determined that your Proto-Goth Icon Match(tm) is Pugsley Addams! Pugsley is the son of Gomez and Morticia Addams. A chip off the headman's block. he is a short, ... Read more

Grandpa Munster!

Hey! Your Proto-Goth Icon Match(tm) is Grandpa Munster! A spry 378-year-old, Count Vladimir Dracula (known to us as "Grandpa Munster") is a native Transylvanian. Grandpa is both a vampire and a sc... Read more

Uncle Fester!

Your Proto-Goth Icon Match is Uncle Fester!! Although he is the eldest male resident of the Addams household, he defers to Gomez Addams on matters of family affairs. Like Gomez and all his relativ... Read more

Gomez Addams!

The patriarch of the Addams family, Gomez has a taste for the nicer things in life, from fine wines and cigars, to slaughtering those who would persecute his kinfolk. Just like you! Your Proto-Go... Read more

Eddie Munster!

Our fabulous and perfect test has determined that your Proto-Goth Icon Match(tm) is Eddie Munster! Edward Wolfgang Munster is a perfectly normal eight-year-old werewolf in a Little Lord Fauntleroy... Read more


Your Proto-Goth Icon Match is Nico! As the golden-haired chanteuse of the Velvet Underground, the German born Nico cast a spell of decadence. Her cool, detached performances, in direct opposition ... Read more

Rozz Williams

Your Proto-Goth Icon Match is Rozz Williams, the founder of the rock group Christian Death. Christian Death took a relentlessly confrontational stand against organized religion and conventional mo... Read more

Wednesday Addams

Your Proto-Goth Icon Match is Wednesday Addams! Wednesday Addams, whose middle name is Thursday, was originally- as her name suggests- ... Read more

Lily Munster!

Your Proto-goth Icon Match is Lily Munster! Lily Munster is a Transylvanian transplant who is as hauntingly and gothically beautiful as the day she died. She's a helpful and loyal housewife. The c... Read more

Dinah Cancer

Dinah Cancer, of 45 Grave, our favorite heavy-Metal-psychedelic-post-punk-what-the-fuck-ghoul-rockers. Guess what? She's your Proto-Goth Icon Match! During 1979-1990 in Los Angeles, Dinah and... Read more

Morticia Addams!

Your Proto-Goth Icon is Morticia Addams! Morticia is a vampish woman who dresses only in black and loves to cut the buds from roses, leaving only the thorny stems. She and her husband Gomez both c... Read more

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