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Their result for The What's Your Signature Weapon Test ...


You preferred a weapon with 65% power over speed and 36% range over melee.

You use a Greatsword.

Do the words Zweihander or Flamberge mean anything to you? You prefer a Greatsword, a massive, heavy blade frequently strong enough to cut down the rides of mounted warriors. Though slow, the impressive length and heft of a greatsword makes it capable even of breaking through armor. Your enemies will run from the deadly arcs of your blade as you bear down on them.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • power Distribution

    They scored 65% on power, higher than 88% of your peers.

  • range Distribution

    They scored 36% on range, higher than 34% of your peers.

All possible test results

Martial Arts

You use Martial Arts.Weapons? Who needs weapons? Sure, your fighting style might not be quite as lethal as guns or blades, but your skill and speed make up for that easily. You can defeat an... Read more


You use a Staff. Length is up to you-- perhaps you use a quarterstaff, a Jo, or a pair of Escrima, but you favor the intense speed and impressive versatility of a simple wooden stick. Effective... Read more

Dual Pistols

You use Dual Pistols.Best done with relatively light pistols like Berettas, a pair of pistols is the quintessential Street Samurai's arsenal. Stylish and fast, a pair of pistols is inaccurat... Read more

Sniper Rifle

You use a Sniper Rifle.You take the fight to another level entirely. With a sniper rifle, you can stay well out of range of your hapless targets while you take them down with ease. Just be s... Read more

Short Sword

You use a Short Sword.Stylish and deadly, a short sword, sabre or rapier is your weapon of choice. You are well aware that an edged weapon puts you a cut above the rabble, but you also keep ... Read more


You use a Halberd.Possibly the most versatile polearm ever made, the Halberd is an elegant mix of spear and staff, remaining relatively light while having an effective cutting edge and stabb... Read more

Desert Eagle

You use a Desert Eagle.One of the most powerful handguns in production, the Desert Eagle is a heavy punch in a small package. Its reliability and speed are remarkable for a gun with such hig... Read more


You use a Machinegun. Phenomenal range and rate of fire more than make up for the lack of mobility that a full machinegun warrant. Though a machinegun lacks the punch of heavier artillery, it i... Read more

Bastard Sword

You use a Bastard Sword.Also known as a "hand and a half" blade, the bastard sword is potent and adaptable. It can be used with one or both hands, and its heft and power are fearsome in a sk... Read more


You use a Greatsword.Do the words Zweihander or Flamberge mean anything to you? You prefer a Greatsword, a massive, heavy blade frequently strong enough to cut down the rides o... Read more


You use a Shotgun. While not the fastest gun in the west, a shotgun's raw power and ease of use make it an extremely potent weapon. Some shotguns can also be loaded with many different types of... Read more

Air Strike

You use Air Strikes.Fighting? Fighting is for idiots! All you have to do is make a quick walkie-talkie call and have the ground ahead of you carpeted with explosive charges. Your enemies wil... Read more


You use a Maul.Inelegant? You? We'll see who's still alive to say that when you're finished. A fearsome hammer is your weapon of choice, a great equalizer that decimates armored and unarmore... Read more

Battle Axe

You use a Battle Axe.The heavy, double-headed end of a battle axe is not a good thing to stand in front of. The considerable leverage and length of a battle axe make its wielder a force of n... Read more

Submachine Gun

You use an SMG.Though short-range and prone to run out of ammo, the SMG's destructive power is remarkable and fearsome. Few weapons provide better cover fire, and focused fire from an SMG ca... Read more

Orbital Laser

You use an Orbital Laser.Getting into an actual battle is a sign that you've failed. No, you need to be in your villa in South America, sipping a cup of coffee as you press the button that w... Read more

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