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You scored 58% Internet savy/addict!

You're adequate. Nothing to write home to mom about, but there's hope for you yet.

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    They scored 58% on Internet addict, higher than 39% of your peers.

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Oh come one. You pretty much have to live under a rock to be that internet challenged. My grandmother is more internet savy than you are. Read more


You're not qualified to do any extencive research on the web... or much of anything else for that matter...You could be less internet literate... but not by much. So get out there and start using the... Read more

could be worse

Well, it could be worse... but you need improvement. Keep surfing, young grasshopper. Read more


You're adequate. Nothing to write home to mom about, but there's hope for you yet. Read more

getting there

You're getting there. You've still got some work to do, but you could hold your own in the internet ghettos. Read more

good job

You've been around the internet block a few times. You've put yourself out there enough to meet new people here and there, but not so much that you seem desperate. Keep on keepin' on. Read more


You are certainly above and beyond proficient when it comes to working on the internet. I'm fairly impressed. Read more

internet stalker

You are the internet stalker. You're a little too out there. Too many profiles, perhaps? Maybe a little strong in the hacker realm? Maybe you just spend way too much time doing next to nothing onl... Read more

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