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The Civil Servant

You scored 50% Agression, 60% Intelligence, 63% Diplomacy, and 46% Confidence!

Hmmm. You have a nice balanced level of agression but fall short on, well, everything else really. You don't really have the decision making skills needed for world leadership. You don't really have the people skills to be a great diplomat. A world leader also needs great confidence and faith in their abilities to be able to handle the responsibility. You kinda fall short there too. Verdict: Why not try the civil service? They're involved in government, but, just like you, nobody's quite sure what they're there for. ***note for previous takers - this category has now replaced category 9 - see below... Categopry 9? What does that mean? It means that you've got the result I hoped nobody would have! You have the perfect agression level for leadership but nothing else fits. How do I interpret that? Simple - I'll cop out and leave it to you. Incidentally this does mean that you're definately not worthy of world leadership.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Agression Distribution

    They scored 50% on Agression, higher than 48% of your peers.

  • Intelligence Distribution

    They scored 60% on Intelligence, higher than 22% of your peers.

  • Diplomacy Distribution

    They scored 63% on Diplomacy, higher than 71% of your peers.

  • Confidence Distribution

    They scored 46% on Confidence, higher than 12% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Dead Beat

Peace man! Oh dear, what a disaster you would make of running the world - here's why: Your low agression score means that you would be a pushover and other countries would bully you. Your low intel... Read more

All Front

You seem to be quite confident but when the going gets tough you run for the hills. You don't really have the necessary skills to be a leader but act like you're the best. It's a shame that you've go... Read more

The Coward

Wow, great diplomacy score! It's a shame that's all you got though. You're a likeable person and try to help everybody - but are they taking advantage of you? You need to grow a spine. Get some confi... Read more

The Eternal Diplomat

You have strong beliefs but you don't really have the stomach to stand up and fight for them. Instead you use your people skills to talk people around. You'll go all out for a diplomatic solution but ... Read more

The Academic

You don't get out much do you? You're a kind and gentle soul who thinks deep. Unfortunately the only time you talk to people is when you need help with a problem. People aren't reference books - you... Read more

Mr(s) Rational

You have faith in rationality and logic. When it comes to decision making you have faith in yourself and your faith is justified. Unfortunately you don't satnd up for those decisions as much as you s... Read more

The Genial Professor

Aw. You could be the teacher everyone loves. Especially everyone who doesn't want to do any work. Let's face it you're no disciplinarian. You've got the skills to be a good leader but you don't have... Read more

The Soft Touch

You have all the tools to be a great leader but unfortunately you're just too soft. If you don't draw the line somewhere you're going to lose people's respect. I like you though. You're a nice person... Read more

The Civil Servant

Hmmm. You have a nice balanced level of agression but fall short on, well, everything else really. You don't really have the decision making skills needed for world leadership. You don't really have t... Read more

Misplaced Confidence

You have great confidence levels. Unfortunately they appear to be somewhat misplaced. Your decision making skills just aren't sufficient for public office and your people skills need work too. In a w... Read more

The People Person

You're probably very popular. You've got good people skills and yet you're not overconfident and not a genius. That's nice - people don't have to be jealous of you. Your main obstacle to being worthy... Read more

The Strong Diplomat

Great performance but just not quite good enough. You'd probably do better in a diplomatic role rather than actual leadership. You have great people skills and confidence in your own ability. However... Read more

The Thinker

You're a born decision maker. You do the work, are rational and have a good balanced level of agression. Unfortunatley this is undermined by your confidence and people skills. Shame. Try to get out m... Read more

Mr Spock

You are a good decision make and you know it. You also have a good balanced level of agression - you can be forceful if it's necessary. Your confident in your abilities and you've earned that right. I... Read more

The Nearly (wo)Man

You've got people skills. You've got decision making skills. You've got a great balanced agression level. You just need to be more confident. A world leader has to have faith in their own abilities. ... Read more

The Ideal Candidate

That's pretty much a perfect score! Did you cheat? Here's why I rate your scores so highly: Agression: You have the right balance. You're not soft but you don't rule with an iron fist either. When th... Read more

Kill Them All!

Where do I start? Does it even matter as you won't listen anyway? All you want to do is kill, maim and destroy. You're not sure it's right, you're not sure it's just - in fact you're not sure of anyth... Read more

The Psycho

You need some serious help. Wanting to kill everyone is not normal. You don't want to be a world leader, you want to be an evil overlord. If you get your hands on nuclear weapons we're all in trouble.... Read more

Totally Confused

I don't get you at all. Somtimes you're nice, other times you're a thug. You go out of your way for your mates but if they cross you they're in trouble. Your low intelligence and confidence ratings s... Read more

The Lad(ette)

Eh up our kid - steady on! You're confident and relate well to other people. However, your decision making leaves a little to be desired. Your first resort is violence. Your last resort is more viole... Read more

Captain Paranoid

You think the world is out to get you. Your response is to fight back and fight back hard. You have a problem relating to other people and lack a bit of self-belief. This has lead to an unhealthy deg... Read more

The Evil Genius

You are an intelligent and confident person. Which is a bit of a git as you don't really get on too well with other people. In fact you probably like killing them more than you like talking to them. ... Read more

Mr(s) Strike First

If you had more self belief you'd probably be a better person. Unfortunately you get a little nervous a times and your first instinct is to lash out. Stop. Take a deep breath or two. Now that you'v... Read more

The Wartime Leader

Woah there - calm dowm a little. You're an intelligent person who can relate to other people - so why do you want to fight them so much? It's possible that your high intelligence and diplomacy scores... Read more

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