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Their result for The Form Four-Base Morality Test ...

Pure Evil

You scored 38 empathy, 50 intention, 37 enlightenment, and 55 responsibility!

Congratulations! You are pure evil. You scored in the bottom two-thirds of every morality dimension. You are cold-hearted, unenlightened, brutal, uncaring, and irresponsible. In other words, Thomas Hobbes' ideal man.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • empathy Distribution

    They scored 38% on empathy, higher than 5% of your peers.

  • intention Distribution

    They scored 50% on intention, higher than 9% of your peers.

  • enlightenment Distribution

    They scored 37% on enlightenment, higher than 12% of your peers.

  • responsibility Distribution

    They scored 55% on responsibility, higher than 12% of your peers.

All possible test results

Pure Evil

Congratulations! You are pure evil. You scored in the bottom two-thirds of every morality dimension. You are cold-hearted, unenlightened, brutal, uncaring, and irresponsible. In other words, Thoma... Read more


You are the Dictator. A monarch who does as he pleases, even if it means burning people at the stake. Your only good quality is your responsibility to the people. You are Castro are best bud... Read more


Worship the dark lord because you are Satan! Pure evil, but wise and knowing. The power of Christ compels you! Stay away from me! Read more


Based on your score, you are the Caesar. A powerful emperor whose internal conflicts juxtapose your responsibility to the Roman Empire. The peons worship at your feet but if they walk behind you, yo... Read more


You are Q from Star Trek. You do as you please, but you are knowledgable beyond all reason. You get into battles of wits with Captain Picard but you always win. Yes, I am a dork. Read more


Your morality mostly mirrors that of the Greek god Zeus. Not based on your looks, mind you, but because you are wise and have responsibility, but do as you will and your intentions are most self-serv... Read more

The bumbling fool

You are the bumbling fool! Your intentions are good but you always manage to botch things up. Let's hope they never give you a position of power. Read more


You are a modern politician. You mean well (or at least you have convinced yourself you do), but you really don't care about other people and you really don't know much about anything. However, you ... Read more

Paris Hilton

Whether filming a porn, sitting in jail, or mingling with high class snobs, you're trying to be nice to the lesser people, but you just can't get yourself to care. Maybe you'll do some good tomorrow. Read more

Bleached blonde

"Save the whales!" you cry. But you don't know what from, nor even really what whales are. They're fish, right? You want to do good, but it's likely that when you bleached your hair, some got in th... Read more


You are the Genius. You want to do good with your intelligence, but you just can't pull yourself away from Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. And besides, tomorrow you have to read up on meromorphic an... Read more


Now that you've made your fortune, you really want to give something back to society...AND it will put you in a lower tax bracket! Hot dog! And although you may be able to shed a tear hearing about ... Read more


Any cause that comes along, you will protest it. Last week you were against that tax hike; this week, you're for it. Tonight you're going to the bar, having a few Millers. Sweet, just don't show up... Read more

Elizabeth II

That's right, you are the Queen Mum. Without any real power, you care for your people, and show up for those traditional ceremonies, but that's all you're good for. I salute Your Majesty. Read more

Wannabe Hacker

You were the guy wearing the "Free Kevin" T-shirt, but you forget how to write HTML and download tunes for free. Get a job! Read more

War Hero

What? You deserted and were left for dead but ended up behind enemy lines, gathering valuable information for our side? Here's your medal, but we all know what you were REALLY doing over there. You... Read more


You are the Hacker, spending all your free time unlocking the iPhone and shutting down government facilities for your "just cause." Can you get me a job at Microsoft? Thanks, Matthew Broderick. Read more

Winston Churchill

You are wise, responsible, and care for your fellow man...but you know you were just in it for the money. Read more

Hillary Clinton

Hi Hillary, thanks for making it onto my test. Thanks for caring (or at least performing actions that a caring person would) and your good intentions, but fortunately your dodgy ideas won't make it t... Read more

The Aspiring King

When you ascended to the throne at 14, you hoped you would be the benevolent ruler everyone remembered. And you were; for your follies. However, your triumphs were generally in people's interest and... Read more

Good samaritan

You generally do good in the world, but alas do not shoulder humankind's burden, and your enlightenment is good, but not great. Still, it's people like you who we need. Just don't get shot. Read more

Lesser Saint

You are one of the saints that history forgets. Is that all you get for a lifetime of service to humanity? Sainthood? What good is that if no one remembers you? Next time try for more enlightenmen... Read more

Tibetan Monk

Meditating on a high mountain, you are wise, good, and heartfelt. How about you get off your mountain and actually DO SOMETHING!?!?!? Read more


You are a Saint. Of the highest, most benevolent morality, you manage to improve the lives of others even if they aren't aware of it. Wise, you recite the works of famous philosophers you have commi... Read more

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