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You scored 9 Lolicon rank!

Hell no this isnt my battle: you Know about Lolicon but refuse to Associate your self with it.

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    They scored 9% on Lolicon rank, higher than 3% of your peers.

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Hell no this isnt my battle: you Know about Lolicon but refuse to Associate your self with it. Read more

Lolicon recruit

How did i get myself into this: you dont hate loli but you dont love it either its just a gulty pleasure Read more

Lolicon private

Your Cannon fodder: you like loli but are still not totally into it. Read more

Lolicon Corpral

Still Cannon fodder with a few Privileges : Loli is a part of your life that you still have trouble accepting Read more

Lolicon Sergeant

not cannon fodder but still in the trenches: you have attained a level of loli liking and almost ready to accept it just need a little more time Read more

Lolicon Lieutenant

You Cammand a small Sqaud: Loli is your passion and you have accepted it but still have perversions you prefer more. Read more

Lolicon Captain

Nothing but The Middleman: you are a lolicon freak you have completely accepted loli as your perversion but still hiding in the closet. Read more

Lolicon Major

Tell em Where to die: Lolicon is your passion you love, crave it and almost ready to share it with the world. Read more

Lolicon Colonel

Still doing dirty work a little behind the front lines: Your Out of the closet and have openly stated your loli love and nobody can tell you its wrong. Read more

Lolicon General

Every one below you are just numbers on a stamped piece of paper: you have attained loli geekdom and is able to look beyond the all the anal and blowjobs for the more important details. Read more


You are the Supreme Lolicon Commander your troops are the cute little girls that you send to conquer the world god speed. Read more

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