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The Eleventh Doctor

Do you like bow ties? Because you're the Eleventh Doctor.

The Eleventh Doctor is a notorious liar, a rude little imp, and a walking bowtied god complex. He both loves himself and hates himself and seems to have difficulty dealing with all the thoughts in his head. As such, he skips details while he's talking and has difficulty keeping details straight when others are talking.

Regardless of his morals and ethical code, this particular Doctor is prone to lying and manipulating people to get what he wants.

So what's this mean about you? Simply put, it means you've got some issues understanding the emotions and feelings of others. You perceive things as harmless when they're toxic. You may even perceive yourself as grand and wonderful. Quit that. Really consider what you're doing to people. There's a reason you're reading this.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Honesty Distribution

    They scored -2% on Honesty, higher than 10% of your peers.

  • Kindness Distribution

    They scored 7% on Kindness, higher than 80% of your peers.

  • Mercy Distribution

    They scored 0% on Mercy, higher than 42% of your peers.

  • Humility Distribution

    They scored 2% on Humility, higher than 59% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Fifth Doctor

The Fifth Doctor was vulnerable and sensitive, focused very intently on the needs of others. He often placed the needs of others beyond his own, allowing others to take the lead and handle situatio... Read more

The Ninth Doctor

The Ninth Doctor's regeneration was not seen, but we can presume it took place during the Time War between Gallifrey and Skaro. He was born in battle, forced by his own morals into bloody conflict ... Read more

The Tenth Doctor

Played to international acclaim by David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor was a lanky impish fellow with a fondness for wit and wordplay. After a dangerous and messy regeneration stretched out over severa... Read more

The Eighth Doctor

The seldom acknowledged Eighth Doctor came into being when a surgeon tried to perform human medicine on a Time Lord. The aenesthia prevented immediate regeneration and caused amnesia, resulting in ... Read more

The First Doctor

The First Doctor was a grumpy old man with little patience for stupidity. He was largely uninterested in the needs of others, but he grew fond of others not in spite of the flaws but because of the... Read more

The Third Doctor

The Third Doctor was exiled by Gallifrey to Earth. He resented humans for their stupidity, inability, and general uselessness. Much like the First Doctor, however, he was fond of humans for these v... Read more

The Second Doctor

The Second Doctor was scruffy, sly, and fond of headgear complementing these qualities. He was certain of himself, but played up his ineptitude to trick opponents. Additionally, he is less concerne... Read more

The Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor was more peculiar and alien than incarnations past and future. He was prone to high energy, a degree of mania, and occasional deep dark moods. It is also interesting to not... Read more

The Eleventh Doctor

The Eleventh Doctor is a notorious liar, a rude little imp, and a walking bowtied god complex. He both loves himself and hates himself and seems to have difficulty dealing with all the thoughts in ... Read more

The Sixth Doctor

Sometimes called "The Unlikeable Doctor", the Sixth Doctor was brash and overbearing, prone to mood swings and bouts of fatalism. He was certain he was the finest Doctor to date and that he was unt... Read more

The Seventh Doctor

The Seventh Doctor was a quiet and mostly unassuming fellow that, like many of the other Doctors, would lie to acheive what he felt was the proper solution. The catch with this Doctor, however, was... Read more

The Master

The Doctor is not always a terribly charming fellow, but even at his worst he is not as blatantly cruel as the Master. The Master is not satisfied with his regenerations, despite the fact he... Read more

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