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The Active Atheist

You know there is no god

You are an active Atheist. You know that god exists only because man exists and not the other way around. You not afraid to share your views with others and you look for reasons to engage others in spirited discussions. You may start the conversation but typically you wait for someone to express their views on religion. You do not pass up an opportunity to show a believer why you are called a Bright. 


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    They scored 40% on Atheism, higher than 81% of your peers.

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You are either really bored or just very apathetic. Nothing else really to put here you don't even rate as an Agnostic. Maybe you rate Agno... Read more


Agnosticism  is the philosophical view that the truth value of certain claims — particularly a href="wiki/Metaphy... Read more

Yup your an Atheist

You are an Atheist and you know you are. You don't really express your views to... Read more

The Active Atheist

You are an active Atheist. You know that god exists only because man exists and not the other way around.... Read more

Militant Atheist

Your are an absolute Atheist. Joint the Atheist army and fight the infiltration of religion into our lives. You take the active stance in the fight for freedom from religion. You will start a debat... Read more

ummm don't know how you got this result

nothing here you should get a result you should never get this if you do let me know Read more

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