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Their result for The Color Analysis Test ...

You scored 40% Blue, 0% Gold, 10% Green, and 50% Orange!


Blue: You highly regard compassion, integrity, and authenticity. You look for harmony, affection, and personal identity.

Green: You highly regard competence, progress, and expertise. You look for perfection, intelligence, and rational answers to difficult questions.

Gold: You highly regard tradition, dependability, and organization. You look for security, structure, and responsibilities.

Orange: You highly regard freedom, excitement, and risk. You look for physical stimulation, challenge, and competition.


You are motivated by a sense of self-actualization and your need to be genuine. You feel compelled to make the world a better place. You are a sympathetic listener who is sensitive to the verbal and nonverbal expressions of others. You like figurative and poetic language. You prefer situations that allow you to work with people, plants, or animals in an interactive, creative, and peaceful environment. You are a people-oriented leader who is highly committed to the personal and professional well-being of your team members. Your leisure activities usually involve other people. It does not matter what you do, just as long as you do it with others. You prefer learning about subjects that focus on people and their unique contributions to humanity. The best teachers were also your friends. You want a thoughtful, devoted, and romantic lover who wants to develop a stimulating, enduring, and harmonious relationship. You were a creative and imaginative child who was naturally gentle and sensitive to violence, aggression, and competition. You spent a lot of time building and maintaining relationships with your friends. You liked to be involved in intimate and small group activities.

You are motivated by your personal quest for competence and ingenuity. You must be able to solve life’s problems. You are naturally skeptical and often appear to be distant and cool when talking with others. You dislike redundancy and small talk. You prefer work that has an analytical and creative focus where you can perfect an idea then move on to something else. You are a visionary leader who solves problems in a scientific manner. You surround yourself with competent, independent workers. Because you hate to be mentally idle. You spend your leisure time in the solitary pursuit of competence or knowledge. You are driven to understand the world around you and prefer to work by yourself on challenging subjects. Because your head rules your heart, you look for a companion who fits into your intellectual model of the ideal relationship, whatever that is. You were an independent child who asked a lot of questions and liked to experiment and figure things out for yourself. You set your own rules and standards. You did things that caught your interest. You were not very social and enjoyed isolated activities.

You are motivated by your desire to fit into the system and earn a place for yourself by being useful and reliable. You tend to sound bossy when talking with others because you focus on what needs to be done and who is going to do it. You prefer safe, stable, and secure jobs with established, recognized institutions. You are the back-bone of many organizations. You are an organization-oriented leader who is highly accountable and believes in rules, procedures, and well-planned meetings. When all your work is done, you will sit down and plan something to do. You enjoy structured and organized activities or sports. You prefer learning traditional subjects in a structured, goal-oriented environment. You were always prepared and organized for class. You want a stable partner who can work with you to build a solid, traditional, and predictable relationship. You were a well-mannered child who could be counted on to obey the rules and follow instruction of your parents and teachers. You enjoyed belonging to clubs and sports teams, participating in student government, and working on school projects.

You are motivated by promises of action and adventure. You do things on a whim and must be free to get up and go. You are bold and aggressive, and apt to say what is on your mind and cut to the heart of the problem. You are charismatic and entertaining. You prefer lively, unpredictable, and risky jobs that do not tie you down or stifle your enthusiasm. You work well under pressure. You are an action-oriented leader who is flexible and dynamic. You like to work with people who are talented, skillful, and energetic. You love to play and do all you can to maximize your leisure time. You look for physically challenging and daring adventures. You prefer learning practical, hands-on skills that you can use in real life. You learn by seeing and doing rather than by studying. You want a passionate and sensual playmate who enjoys your favorite activities and wants to explore new and exciting things with you. You were a noisy, spirited, and fun-loving child and seemed to get into a lot of trouble. You were always on the go. You liked to party with your friends and do things that were wild and crazy. You were somewhat defiant because you wanted to live life to the fullest.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Blue Distribution

    They scored 40% on Blue, higher than 58% of your peers.

  • Gold Distribution

    They scored 0% on Gold, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • Green Distribution

    They scored 10% on Green, higher than 8% of your peers.

  • Orange Distribution

    They scored 50% on Orange, higher than 94% of your peers.

All possible test results

LESS DETAILED RESULTS Blue: You highly regard compassion, integrity, and authenticity. You look for harmony, affection, and personal identity. Green: You highly regard competence, pr... Read more

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