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Profile Ninja

Wow, you're in the witness protection program? Really?

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Profile Ninja

Wow, you're in the witness protection program? Really? Read more

Profile Genius

You are an original thinker! Your profile obviously expresses what you are, and evidently you are not a cliche. Good job! You are part of a very select group. Feel free to make fun of other people. Read more

Profile Expert

You are very good. Not the best, but very, very good. Try to share your wisdom with your friends. Their profiles suck. Read more

A Bit Mainstream

You're not doing too badly, but there's not a lot that makes your profile stand out. Try to find a few more things that are unique to YOU. Read more

Needs Rewriting

Your profile has a lot of stuff in it that's been said before. Take a look at other OKC members like yourself, and try not to rely on the trite expressions everybody uses. Read more


Ok, congratulations on having "Fight Club" memorized. Now can you maybe consider finding something else to reference? Read more

Get A Blog

The only way you could have scored this highly is if your profile is overly long and just crammed with the most tired references and trite conventions. Take a look at what you've got and cut out every... Read more

Get Out!

No, seriously, just leave. If you can't think of anything original for your profile, we don't need ya. Ok... maybe you can stay, but you have GOT to take that pic of you naked with your pet cat down... Read more

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