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The Hidden Lover

~The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

This personality type is very passionate and considers themself to be romantic.  The problem is that they are not open about their passions and desires.  They are concerned about what society will think about them and what they are doing.  For this person it is the thrill of being able to do what they shouldn't be doing that helps to drive them.  If given permission to be naughty is given it isn't nearly as exciting for them.

These people normally do not feel comfortable speaking about sex or feelings with their partner.  They are more action oriented.  It is easier for them to hide behind a mask to strangers then to give up their inner selves to people they know.

Most people in this category are married, but may friquent the personal ads.  They may or may not give into their compulsions to cheat.  In many cases they do not like themselves and long for assurance that they are still sexually attractive.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Paranoid Distribution

    They scored 20% on Paranoid, higher than 28% of your peers.

  • Extroverted Distribution

    They scored 37% on Extroverted, higher than 86% of your peers.

  • Introverted Distribution

    They scored 20% on Introverted, higher than 17% of your peers.

  • Average Distribution

    They scored 40% on Average, higher than 30% of your peers.

  • Kinky Distribution

    They scored 30% on Kinky, higher than 75% of your peers.

  • Perverted Distribution

    They scored 20% on Perverted, higher than 82% of your peers.

  • Deviant Distribution

    They scored 20% on Deviant, higher than 85% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Hidden Lover

This personality type is very passionate and considers themself to be romantic.  The problem is that they are not open about their passions and desires.  They are concerned about what soc... Read more

Reluctant Lover

People that fall into this category generally have a background with a religious upbringing.  They don't talk about sex or put their sexuality out there.  They believe that sex is private... Read more

Colorful Lover

You not only like sex, but you've come to terms with it in your everyday life.  You don't mind speaking about it, perhaps even in an offhand manner.  This doesn't meant that you accept th... Read more

Lone Wolf

This is the least likely category for a person to receive.  You have a way of doing and thinking that is definitely not average.  You do not care if you fit into social standards or ways ... Read more

Freaky Lover

Most of your ideas are not socially acceptable.  More than likely you are extremely oversexed and have a lot of sexual energy or perhaps even sexual tension, if you are trying to live by social st... Read more

Everyday Lover

You are the average everyday person.  You are more than likely married or have been married and went for the white picket fence, car, and 2.4 kids and a dog.  This does not make you borin... Read more

Wishful Lover

You may spend a lot of time thinking about new sexual exploits and desires, but you don't actually pursue them.  You do, however, have a rich fantasy imagination that you enjoy.  It is sa... Read more

Cautious Lover

Your background is probably one that has been started with violence or fear based.  It has made it difficult for you to open up sexually.  More than likely you were traumatized by somethi... Read more

Uninhibited Lover

Not only are you not afraid to talk about sex with others, you may have ideas regarding sex that other people cannot accept or understand.  Some of your ideas may not be deemed socially ac... Read more

Experimental Lover

You are not afraid to put yourself out there.  You are the type of person that likes sex - talking about it, doing it, experimenting with different aspects of it.  If you find something y... Read more

Verbose Lover

Your sexual style is open to discussion.  You are not easily embarrassed when people bring up the subject of sex.  You participate in discussions and look for ways to please your sex part... Read more

Ambiguous Results

Perhaps you did not answer enough questions, or you were not honest enough to answer questions to give you a good analysis. It could be that you fit closely into too many categories to properly ide... Read more

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