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Their result for The Do you have a nice size cock Test ...

Tiny Boy

Length score= 15; Girth score= 27.

You need to buy a penis pump, buddy! Although small ones are fun to play with, don't expect much action!

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • length Distribution

    They scored 15% on length, higher than 5% of your peers.

  • girth Distribution

    They scored 27% on girth, higher than 10% of your peers.

All possible test results

Tiny Boy

You need to buy a penis pump, buddy! Although small ones are fun to play with, don't expect much action! Read more

Could be better

Hey, be glad the highest concentration of nerve endings are in the lower 1/3 of a pussy! At least you have SOME thickness to please a girl with! Read more

Whoa! Odd & Nice!

Fat cocks rule! Even though you weren't blessed with a long cock, you can MORE than satisfy a woman with the girth. Look me up baby! Read more

Pencil Dick

It's average and thin. Bottom line is, you might as well not have one. Stop trying to reach the G-spot and just but her a vibrator...it will save you a headache. Read more

The all-around cock!

Not bad in either department, you're probably in the middle average of men. If you've got skill, you can have bitches bangin' your door down wanting more! Read more

Nice and thick!

Damn baby, give me your number! You're a good length, but an EXCELLENT girth, which means you have the ladies moaning all the way to the big O! Read more

Scary Long

Well, this probably means you're bigger than 8", and while the girth is VERY lacking, these are the most fun to suck! Call me baby for some good head! Read more

The Perfect Cock

Very long and nicely thick, this cock is perfect for anyone, virgin or slut. I love your cock and want it inside me!! Read more

Frickin' Huge!

You must be a sex machine!! If I had a cock like yours, I would walk around showing it to strangers. You could pound my pussy ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, and I'd do ANYTHING for it!! Read more

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