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Their result for The First OkC Date Test ...

Over the Moon Date

You scored 85% fun, 61% sex, 3% weird and 78% chemistry.

Wow! Lucky you! You loved this person, had a great time and it wasn't weird or awkward. Terrific first date. Definitely see this person again.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • fun Distribution

    They scored 85% on fun, higher than 92% of your peers.

  • sex Distribution

    They scored 61% on sex, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • weird Distribution

    They scored 3% on weird, higher than 5% of your peers.

  • chemistry Distribution

    They scored 78% on chemistry, higher than 85% of your peers.

All possible test results

Date from Hell

You hated each other. The date was strained and awkward. No good will come from this. Change your cell phone number if you gave it out. Consider deleting your profile and coming up with a new screen n... Read more

Awkward Date

It wasn't a good date, but there were a few sparks. The evening was far from a success, but maybe you should try again. Read more

Bad Date

You like this person, but for whatever reason the date was a disaster. Go out again and see if things get better. Read more

WTF Date

Whoa - something weird happened. Really, the only good thing I can say about this date is it will probably make a good, funny story for your friends to laugh at your pain. Read more

Kooky Date

It was strange, but you're intrigued. Might be worth a second date to find out what's going on. Read more

Oddball Date

Totally weird, but you love it. Read more

Sex Fiend Date

You just want to get laid. You don't care about the rest. Read more

Potential FWB Date

Hmm... You might have just found your new friend with benefits. Work it. Read more

F*ck Buddy Date!

Yummy! You're in for some sexy good times with this one. Read more

Restraining Order

You had sex, but things were weird. Be careful! Keep your bunnies under lock and key. Read more

Umm... Date

Yeah, I don't know. There's some good stuff there, but a bit of weirdness, too. Hard to say. Read more


Hot, sweaty, craziness. Rowr! Read more

Optimist Date

You had fun, but only because you're the type of person that can have fun anywhere with anyone. You're a great person. You're date? Maybe not. Read more

Better Off Friends

You're buddies, pals, amigos. But that's probably it. Read more

Something There

A definite spark. Go out again and see what's there. Read more

Meh Date

Not much there. Not awful, but... Well... Meh. Read more

Quirky Date

A little bit weird, but fun. Go out again and see if you like 'em. Read more

Crazy Date

Did you end up in Vegas? Or jail? I hope you're okay. Read more

Okay Date

It wasn't bad, but it sure as hell wasn't great. There's just not enough chemistry there for a second date, but maybe you can be friends. Read more

Good Date

You had a really good date. You're not quite sure, but there's enough good stuff there to go on a second date and find out. Read more

Over the Moon Date

Wow! Lucky you! You loved this person, had a great time and it wasn't weird or awkward. Terrific first date. Definitely see this person again. Read more

Not Quite Date

Close, but no cigar. Not enough chemistry and too much weirdness. It's not your fault. You're awesome! You just need a better screening process. Read more

Category 23

Description 23 Read more

Wacky Date

You like each other, you've got chemistry, but there's some weirdness there. If you like weird, this one's for you. Personally, I think weird keeps things interesting. Read more

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