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The Cowardly Lion

Ah yes, the Cowardly Lion. Such a ferocious beast but with balls the size of grapenuts... nah, just kiddin. Your big and powerful (or at least thats how you want to feel) but at the same time you have a soft sensitive side. You're close between the [[Pacifist]] and the [[Flying Monkey]] (yes, there is a flying monkey Catagory). You need to stop feeling so sorry for yourself sometimes. Your guilt-factor is higher than it should be. And as they say... "Depression is merely Anger without enthusiasm." Try to raise your Desire settings a little bit more. Live and let live.... and don't sweat the small stuff, ya big pansy.

If you felt that this was in no way accurate to how people acually see you then feel free to take my test again to see what other possiblities are in store for you.

All possible test results

The Would-Be-Saint

The Would-be-Saint is between the [[Sinner]] and the [[Harliquin]]. You have much potental. You are nearly balanced in all four Primal Aspects. You enjoy life and its many debaucheries but only ... Read more

The Pacifist

Well now you've done it. You wasted your life and have nothing to show for it. Good Job. How about this, instead of pussing around and wondering if all this Green-Peace crap is really going to s... Read more

The Pessimist

The Pessimist is the safe ground. If you think you might actually have a good day. Tell everyone how much Life sucks and How God really hates you. Try to be specific, too. Because as we all... Read more

The Loner

Well things could have turned out a lot worse for you, y'know. You are somewhere between the [[Mallrat]] and the [[Passifist]]. Relax, it's not the end of the world yet. All you have to do is bu... Read more

The Spoiled Brat

I'm Sor-wee, doz baby want 'is widdle bottle. Ok, if you've inadvertently landed here its time to make some serious life changing decisions. Your somewhere between the [[Pessimist]] and the [[Lon... Read more

The Mall-Rat

YOU are a drain on Society and the Social Consumerism. Good job. You are close between the [[Spoiled-Brat]] and the [[Loner]]. And although you have major issues, and enough psychological baggage... Read more

The Sinner

Congradulations. You are one great friend to hang out with. You like to have your cake and eat it too. But then you later worry about the calories and fat content and feel like shit for having s... Read more

The Harlequin

Harlequin... One part Actor, One part Joker, and all around interesting Character. If this is you, then its good to be alive. If you're anti-social its because you want to keep a certain mystery... Read more

The Savage

Wow, your Rage Gage is through the roof. Such and angry person most likely doesn't have a lot of friends. This is probably a fluke, but if so I seriously suggest getting back on your Meds.... But... Read more

The Cowardly Lion

Ah yes, the Cowardly Lion. Such a ferocious beast but with balls the size of grapenuts... nah, just kiddin. Your big and powerful (or at least thats how you want to feel) but at the same time you... Read more

The Shade

Well your not as angry as the [[Savage]] but your not as Horny as the [[Deviant]]. So, here you are. If you have anger problems its because the world is 'really out to get you' and that bit of pa... Read more

The Prisoner

Well here you are. If you ended up here its probably because Karma is a bitch and you just got swooped up in its hellish fury. But hey, them's the brakes. Life is about choices. We all make the... Read more

The Deviant

Wow. You are one sick S.O.B. You Smoke and Drink and I'm pretty sure that masterbation thing is definitly on the up. All things considered this is a pretty good place to be. You do what you wan... Read more

The Addict

Well its safe to say that you have an Addictive personality. You love to have fun, but you sometimes don't know when to quit. That monster on you back keeps you on a tight leash, so I'd try and f... Read more

The Flying Monkey

What can I say, I love Flying Monkeys. They are as natural as natural can get. Plus the added bonus of being able to win friends over easily. Your dependable but flighty at the same time. You d... Read more

The Human

Congradulations, you are the prime example of every thing that we Humans stand for.... in the worst way possible. You Drink. You Smoke. You enjoy life to its fullest, and you don't give a rats a... Read more

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