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Sex-Craving Geek

You're kind of like that really popular girl or guy that everyone envies... except for the "popular" part. But no, you are no ordinary Geek. You crave sex, and lots of it! Perhaps you never received enough love at home, or perhaps your anti-religious take on the world leads you to reject the whole "abstinence" idea. Regardless, leave the rest of us alone, because we don't feel the same way you do.

You are a more polite version of the... Business Leech
You are a more intelligent version of the... Prostitute
You are a less enthusiastic version of the... All-American Fake
You are a more dependent version of the... Philosopher

About this test:
You were scored on four variables - Politeness, Intelligence, Enthusiasm, and Dependence. (That's right... you've been PIED!) It's not perfect yet, but it will be before long. ;-) Please rate the test, and feedback is always welcome!

All possible test results

Antisocial Jackhole

Not only does everyone else think you're rude and stupid, but you don't even CARE that everyone else thinks you're rude and stupid. Basically, you are worthless to most of civilized society. But don... Read more


You must have a problem with static, because you're CLINGY! It's one thing to be helpful, but all you do is complain. People might like you more if you gave them some space. If you insist on follow... Read more


Why are you so cruel? Didn't receive enough love as a child? Rest assured that somebody out there loves you - even if it's your bulldog. Try being a tad bit nicer to the rest of the world. No, I t... Read more

Used Car Salesman

No, I don't want your car. No, I don't want your car. LAY OFF, I said I don't want your f*****g car! What part about "no" don't you understand? Geez, get a degree or something, or at least learn t... Read more

Haughty Intellectual

So you think that being smarter than the rest of us entitles you to more privileges? Well, maybe it does, but at least we have friends. Stop and smell the roses, you jerk - there's more to life than... Read more

Business Leech

Congratulations! You're the reason our economy has gone down the shithole. What do you have to say for yourself? Nothing, hm? Let me fill in the blanks... Money ain't everything. In fact, accordi... Read more

Patent Troll

You could be a great inventor. You could be insanely successful. Instead, you choose to piss everyone else off by developing these cool gadgets, patenting them, and waiting until someone else tries ... Read more


I have nothing to say. (No, seriously. This should be pretty self-explanatory.) You are a less polite version of the... a href="http://www.okcupid.com/tests/describescore?testid... Read more


Welcome! Everyone walks all over you, and you're too nice to object. For cryin' out loud, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself! Nobody likes you anyway, so it won't change anything.... Read more


Two cents? Five dollars? Hundred dollars? No matter the charge, when it boils right down to it, you're just a lowly service worker. A service worker with a severe dependency problem. I'm sure tha... Read more


I must say that you deserve to be commended. I've never seen anyone who enjoys changing diapers quite as much as you do! If you weren't so obsessed with your kids (and if you were smart enough to ge... Read more


"Gimme an S! Gimme a T! Gimme an E..." You, Cheerleader, are the stereotype of stereotypes - and for good reason. No other group in human history has both severely annoyed and sexually aroused thr... Read more


You know, the Philosopher stereotype really isn't all that bad. I mean, at least you can think critically, despite your obvious lack of a grip on reality. You might stand a chance of being successfu... Read more

Sex-Craving Geek

You're kind of like that really popular girl or guy that everyone envies... except for the "popular" part. But no, you are no ordinary Geek. You crave sex, and lots of it! Perhaps you never receive... Read more

Too-Goody Goody

There is a fine line between being a great person and being a snob. You crossed it at about question #3, and it was all downhill from there. You may be gorgeous, rich, smart, and popular (in your ow... Read more

All-American Fake

In the eyes of Seventeen magazine, you're probably perfect. In the eyes of everyone else, you're fake, because we know that perfection doesn't exist. Get your head out of the clouds and come down to... Read more

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