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Gustav Motherfuckin' Mahler. You are a man who was sent by almighty God himself to change the world and redeem mankind for his sins and transgressions, aren't you? You've got it. You've got the final answer. You know the meaning of life and you want to make sure you don't leave this earth without getting your point across in the largest, loudest, most arduous way possible. You only wish you were god, but really, you're just the bassist of a death metal band in Portland. Keep truckin', man... a great artist is never appreciated in his time. Besides, people probably think all your grandeur is compensating for something missing down below...? Recommendations: Symphonies 5(Solti conducting), 8(Solti or Rattle), and 10 (Rattle or Levine)

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Social Distribution

    They scored 5% on Social, higher than 88% of your peers.

  • Style Distribution

    They scored 7% on Style, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • Value Distribution

    They scored 6% on Value, higher than 88% of your peers.

  • Controversy Distribution

    They scored 1% on Controversy, higher than 5% of your peers.

All possible test results


Ahhhh... Josef Haydn! The perfect regal music for a gathering of good taste and a glass of gin on ice. Make that two. Actually three. Nah, more like seven. Man, either you're the most boring pers... Read more


Paul Hindemith would almost be regal and hi-brow if he weren't a complete nut. The man was amazingly talented as a performer, but couldn't cut the social scene cause his brain was orbiting Saturn. I... Read more


Schubert. Peaceful. Melodic. Expressive. Just like you. A quiet day in the fields, and a preference of intimacy to mingling. You probably won't be famous in your life, but you'll be a big hit wi... Read more


Dmitri Shostakovich... a man who wanted nothing but to be left to his music and his family. Too bad he was caught up in the middle of Josef Stalin's reign and the man demanded so much work from him; ... Read more


Ol' Serge here wins the category of uber-passionate nice guys all about starting a family. You are either married, getting your master's, or wondering why you can't find a good mate. Master your fla... Read more


The quiet side of your quintessential Latin Lover. Like most of them, the Catholicism beat him down and he begged for a priesthood by the end of his life. Don't be like Liszt, the Catholic Church is... Read more


Hey, Felix! Put the books down and relax for a bit or else you may die at 38! I know whatever you're studying is probably something you've centered your life around... well, if that's really what yo... Read more


My god, quit bleeding your heart all over my steak. You are the drama queen/king of the year. You start out quiet, but surprise the listener with dramatic crescendos that seem to come out of nowhere... Read more


Wolfy, the mad genius. You have ideas coming out your ass and you have to tell SOMEONE about them. The scary thing is that your ideas, no matter how ass backwards they may seem when you say them, ac... Read more


Johann the tinkerer, I call him. You love to fuck around with things/people/machines/computers. You have a keen eye for detail and figuring out how complex things work, then using that knowledge to ... Read more


Bela Bartok was a very assertive, emotive, and interesting character. He loved to travel around and study the commonfolk of the area. You yourself probably are a people-watcher and a pro-active work... Read more


There goes Lenny... drunk and partying again. You're a party animal... if you're a gay male you probably love Broadway too. If you're a straight male you probably would like Copland more (even thoug... Read more


My god, man, smile! Earnest, diliberate, passionate about his beliefs, Beethoven wrote with the conviction of a Brigadeer General about to land on Normandy Beach. Hopefully, after the Crossfire debat... Read more


Here's a guy with one hell of a beard and some serious issues. You fall in love way too easily with the wrong people (or little boys). Pull your head out of the molasses that is your opinion of the ... Read more


Gustav Motherfuckin' Mahler. You are a man who was sent by almighty God himself to change the world and redeem mankind for his sins and transgressions, aren't you? You've got it. You've got the fin... Read more


Da dada DA DA, da dada DA DA!... here come those valkyries! Wagner was a spectacle in his own time. The rock superstar of his era. You're probably pretty far along in what you do, or you have an amb... Read more

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