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The Choir Teacher

You scored 73 Friendliness, 81 Comprehensible, 66 Creativity, and 47 Organization!

You teach kids how to sing. You are friendly, nice-looking, and very creative. Your concerts are a smash. Too bad you can never find those choir music sheets from last month. Geez, clean your classroom!!! What you teach: Choir. Average grade of your students: A Percent of kids that like you: 84

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Friendliness Distribution

    They scored 73% on Friendliness, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Comprehensible Distribution

    They scored 81% on Comprehensible, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • Creativity Distribution

    They scored 66% on Creativity, higher than 70% of your peers.

  • Organization Distribution

    They scored 47% on Organization, higher than 26% of your peers.

All possible test results

Worst Teacher Alive

Who you are: The worst teacher alive. You are not nice, nor goood at teaching, nor organized or prepared, nor intelligent in the subject you teach. Fuck you. Every kid hates you and you have no purpos... Read more

Mean Janitor

Sill you; you're not a teacher. You are in fact a janitor. A respectable job, but you have taken it too far. You are the mean janitor. The one that doesn't let kids in the school when they need the la... Read more

Evil English Teacher

Quoting Shakepsare in your obnoxious, old-womanly voice, you are the evil English teacher. You are very organized. You give every student their poorly and unfairly graded essays back within a day or t... Read more

Bitchy Art Teacher

Oh you freakin' psycho. You are indeed the bitch Art teacher. With creativity flowing out of you every second, you are highly into art. I don't know why you decided to teach it though. All you do is w... Read more

The Ex-Marine

After finishing your time in the army, marines, or air force, you decided to start teaching P.E. I'm not sure why though, you treat the students like they are garbage. You are highly organized though ... Read more

Creepy Drama Coach

Taking the stage and making it yours, you are indeed the creepy drama coach. You thirve on the theater. You love creating plays and you are quite creative. Lamentably, nobody can rally understand you.... Read more

Alocholic Teacher

Boozing from your post-family death experience you are quite an alocholic. Too bad you decided to teach. The kids can pretty much tell what you say. You are just tired, not actually DRUNK at school. A... Read more

The Spanish Teacher

Si, si indeed you are the Spanish teacher. Not always friendly nor creative you simply speak Spanish to the students and allow them to fully comprehend everything. Too bad you ain't more fun. What yo... Read more

The German Teacher

Ja, ja indeed. You are the German teacher. You aren't a friendly one but you are highly organized and you teach well. Deutschklasses ist noch eine gute klasse, ja?? What you teach: German Average gra... Read more

The Chemistry Teache

You teach the subject of Chemistry. You are a bit cruel but you are firm...you want students to be serious abuot chemistry and learn about it well. You are easy to understand and very creative with as... Read more

Newspaper Advisor

You are in charge of the Newspaper. You are smart, organized and ready to help create a great newspaper for the school with these kids. You aren't always the nicest, but in journalism, you gotta be fi... Read more

The Lunchlady

Sill you. All theese categories keep popping up. People who are NOT teachers. You are one of them. You are the lunchlady (or man). You serve food in a creative form. You are on time and serve the kids... Read more

Dim-Witted Librarian

Not usually aware of what's going on, you are the stupid librarian. You let kids check out books and you are super nice but that's 'bout it. PS: You're hot. What you teach: Nothing Average grade of y... Read more

Head Librarian

The opposite of the dim-witted librarian. You are unattractive but organized and friendly. You are probably in charge of the library. It needs you. What you teach: Nothing. Average grade of your stud... Read more

The French Teacher

Oui, oui indeed, you are the French teacher. You are super nice and ready to teach. Not every French slur that you utter comes out as understndable to the children but nevertheless, they like you. Wh... Read more

The Band Teacher

You teach music. You aren't always understandable as you ramble and ramble about notes; however, you are friendly and creative. Music is always on your mind. What you teach: Jazz band, symphonic band... Read more

Math Teacher

You teach math. Sure, most people don't get the equations coming out of you're mouth but you are super friendly and creative and quite organized as well. Trust me, kids like ya. What you teach: Algeb... Read more

AP Physics Teacher

You teach a difficult class that most students never understand. Still, you try your best to let them perform well. You are smart, creative, and always ready to go. What you teach: AP Physics. Averag... Read more

Psychology Teacher

You are extremely nice and easy to understand. You teach a subject about how people think and behave and kids love you. You aren't always crative nor do you give papers back till the end of the year, ... Read more

History Teacher

You are the history teacher. Easy to listen to, friendly, organized, but extremely boring, you somehow make kids exctied to go to history class without them being excited while in it. You are one weir... Read more

Business Teacher

You teach business. Kids like you 'cause you're friendly and easy to understand. You may also teach tech ed as well. Sometimes you can be boring but generally you aren't. What you teach: Tech Ed or B... Read more

The Choir Teacher

You teach kids how to sing. You are friendly, nice-looking, and very creative. Your concerts are a smash. Too bad you can never find those choir music sheets from last month. Geez, clean your classroo... Read more

Fun English Teacher

You teach English but kids like it. You have opended kids' minds to many different authors. Kids love the Great Gatsby, Shakespeare and others because of you. Keep up the good work. You rock!! What y... Read more

The Perfect Teacher

You are a great teacher. You may teach many different subjects but it doesn't matter what it is. No matter what, kids love everything you say, do, and assign. Good for you! What you teach: Whatever f... Read more

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